Saturday, January 28, 2017


Hi all,

Its seems that I didn't give any care at all for this blog.
I guess I didn't like to write like I use to be..
Lately I been thinking about a lot of things.
About life and stuff..
I guess I still at a phase where I still unsure where my direction at.
And, after being alone for a long time, I guess I kinda crave that companionship
beside me, a support? Romantically of course.
Coming to an age where I'm almost 30, I guess everyone having the same thought
as I am, on when to settle down and having kids and stuff.
But of course, sometimes I didn't think that this is that important until I see
and read those happy stories of having a family, having someone there for you,
to support you all the time. Humans can't go alone in this world, they are created in pairs..
I guess its time to find mine?
And move on from the past...

Saturday, May 7, 2016

20 Updates From The Blog Owner (2016)

Hello, again, its been a while since I ever posted in this blog. Below is my life updates so far. ^^

1) Its May 2016 now.
2) Promoted to my current position as Senior Engineer early of this year (woww)
3) Its my off day today, yayyyy!!
4) Still am SINGLE.
5) Just finish doing my reports this week, and its time to relax a bit.
6) Oh no, no relaxing next week since I have my ISO audit next next week.
7) Its very hot today tho. No aircond in my house =.=
8) Own 5 cats!! Hectic around the house.
9) Hardcore Starlights starting from end of last year.
10) Owning almost 20 VIXX's albums!! (Burn a big hole in my wallet)
11) Addicted to twitter.
12) Am going to Singapore end of this month for VIXX's showcase in Singapore! Yayy
13) Do not have a car license yet! hmmm...
14) Have around 10 books that I haven't read yet.
15) Currently listening to Beautiful Liar~
16) There's a lot of new colleague in my company.
17) Haven't went to South Korea yet. hmmmmmm
18) Need to set a goal this year.
19) Need to cut my hair, it is so long now.
20) I love Jung Taek Woon!!

Jung Taekwoon~~
Alright, thats it for this round~

Friday, September 18, 2015

20 Updates From The Blog Owner

It's been long time I haven't update this blog! Haha presenting 20 updates from my life :

1) It's September 2015 now
2) Am working as Production Engineer
3) Just finished my mandarin class and my HOD is the trainer hahaa
4) I'm SINGLE! (yes, I am.)
5) Almost month end, and this the time where I hate the most due to numbers of report waiting to be finalised =.=
6) Am I happy? Kinda, but still have to work and move forward towards my target.
7) Its hazy and sunny and hot. Thankfully my room have aircond.
8) I miss my friends! 
9) Currently, I'm a part of QMS Commitee for my company. ISO audit is around the corner...
10) Own a cat (well family cat), and i miss that white furball!
11) My life now is kinda boring, need to find/add more excitement to it.
12) I will try to read my pending books that haven't been touched (I got around 8-9 books)
13) In the middle of washing my clothes (well washing machine is washing it right now)..
14) I haven't tidy up my room...hmmm
15) Planned to watch futsal tournament this evening 
16) my PHONE hardly RINGS except for work related issues~
17) I still don't know how to DRIVE a car~ In the middle of taking car license and I know how to drive a forklift hahaa
18) Planning to get a car next year, see how first 
19) Rumours of me wanted to resign and get job offer from Singapore is lingering at my company. The weird thing is I didn't even own a passport to go to Singapore. 
20) Interested to gain more and more knowledge in Engineering so that it can be my value added skills for searching new job in the future.

and, this is what I can think of when i'm typing..sorry if it doesn't entertain you in any way but really, this is what happening in my life so far~

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Falling for it...

When a heart wants something that it shouldn't wishing for, the mind keeps on telling the heart to stop wishing about it...
But the heart can't stop wishing because it knows that only what it wishes for will make the mind happy,
But then again, what the heart wishing for is impossible to reach to, the mind telling it to stop so that the heart won't get hurt..
This is what happening inside of me now. The confusion between two opposing side, my heart and my mind~
My heart can be so selfish that it goes for something that was not meant to be for me, and my mind is so self concious that it does know what are best for me~
And now I'm left with so much confusion that I rather do not know how to solve it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Final Semester~

Yes, finally, the final semester is here~
Its the moment of truth whether I'll able to grad or not..
I hope everything went well for this semester..
And my biggest fear going to be failure in finishing my final year project..
Oh God, I'll never ever want to extend another one year here..
So please, this is my only wish..
Let me Graduate this year.........

Friday, October 19, 2012

The painful fact..

The painful fact that the good time has come to an end, I surely do missed my 5 dorky boys, who try their best to do their performance for the sake of fans. The most beautiful harmony that perfectly blend the 5 different voices into one perfect song, takes it to another level is not something that I want to give up easily. Will wishing upon the evening star will make them back together? Even if it is impossible for them to get back together, as a fans, I just really hope they will maintain their friendship because I missed the moment when Changmin bullies his hyung, and the moment where Yunho interact with each of the member and having fun together. Just listen to this live performance of the 5 of them, and I hope you'll understand how precious their existence to me.

Sorry for the infamous entry.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Absolute Perfect a.k.a B.A.P

Wonder what the title refers to? You see, I kinda addicted to this one rookie group that debuted this year, and seriously I think they are super duper cool! I like their concept, music and even the member themselves. B.A.P is one group that have big potential in becoming South Korea top idol and compared to other rookie, their music and style and even live performance has been consistent and that is why I just can't let go the chance of becoming one of their fans. Well, so far I love all of their song, and my favorite is Warrior. Wait, is it Power or is it No Mercy? Wait, wait...Oh geez I can't choose cause all of them are my favorite!!

I know lots of fans are going to argue like oh look you haven't see this group yet, blah blah blah..Well, the interesting part of this is, B.A.P overshadowed them all. I know people were totally overwhelmed by 12 handsome boy from EXO, but seriously if compared to B.A.P, I just can't resist B.A.P's charms. They were very charismatic on stage, and their dance just melts me away! Tell me, who wouldn't love them? Zelo, the maknae of the group is seriously adorable! B.A.P releases their new mv today, Crash and I recommend to watch that mv because you'll see their aegyo and playful side of them. Plus, 2/3 of the mv was filmed in Malaysia, my country! ^^

 B.A.P has captured my heart and I am going to treasure them! I hope they will win rookie award this year because no other group deserved it more than they do! B.A.P fightingggg!!!

warmest greetings..^^