Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi everyone..! Finally it’s February and all people know that it’s gonna be Valentine’s day soon. Well, actually it’s not the topic I’m going to discuss here. So, how’s everyone doing? Good? Well, actually I have a good Korean movie that I really want to share with you guys~ Ever heard of Korean drama named Sunny? Well, some of you might know about it during TeukSoo couple in We Got Married since Sora is one of the main cast in the movie. 

Sunny is one of my favorite movies and I have watched it repetitively and I don’t get bored with the story plot. Sunny is actually about 7 high school girls who are in the 70’s and 80’s (I don’t really know which year it is) and how they live their school life together. It’s funny and reminds everyone about how beautiful it is to have such memories and friendship. The story plot begins when Im Na Mi (the main character) meet her friend from high school who is sick (Cancer, and only have two more month to live). From there, her friend requested to see all the Sunny’s member before she died. Im Na Mi at that time was a mother, and married to a successful husband, and from meeting her old friend, she begins to recall all the fun she had during high school. The promises, the tragedy and also the beautiful friendship all the seven girls had once before, and seriously this one movie you guys should not miss it at all.

A movie that makes you laugh and cry is a movie that should be watch. Honestly, it make me wanna go back to the time where I was a still high school student and create more beautiful memories with my friends. So, are you going to watch it or not? If yes, then go ahead and download the movie for yourself. I provide the link, and enjoy watching~ ^^ 

warmest greetings..^^