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Xiah Junsu a.k.a Kim Junsu

 Since I always includes Junsu in my post, you guys be wondering who is he right? Well, this post will includes all about the information based on Junsu. Kim Junsu was born on 15th December 1986, but registered on 1 January 1987. He has fraternal twin, Kim Junho which is his elder brother. Now, Kim Junsu pick his stage name as "Xiah" because he want to represents asia (asia is pronounced as "ah-shee-ah" in korean language). He was one of the member of TVXQ, and as we know for now, TVXQ is on hiatus, therefore now he is under sub-unit of TVXQ called JYJ. JYJ consists of Yoo Chun, Jun Su and Jae Joong. Well, I know I can't simply say that TVXQ is on hiatus as there's TVXQ as duo right now (Yunho and Changmin) but I can't say that they are from JYJ cause the three of them is still part of TVXQ.

JYJ - Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun
Junsu and Junho when they are little (Junsu is the smaller one ^^)

Now, why do I adore Junsu so much? Junsu is a very talented singer. His voice is so amazing, and once, when he was still 11, when he was auditioned for 6th Annual Starlight Casting System, his voice was praised by the judges and they say that he has the potential as the lead vocalist. But, during his puberty changes, Junsu suffers a lot of pains, and his voice is affected making he cannot sings. Even the doctor told him not to sing because of the fact that it might affected his vocal cord. But, as you see, Junsu now can sings, and his voice is so powerful that if you happens to listen to it live, you'll be amazed by his voice.

 When he sings, he sings it with his heart and passion~

 Junsu is very charismatic on stage, but somehow he is so adorable. I could say that he has this side of him, whenever you see him smile, you just melts. I like that side of him. In the group, he is one of the dorkiest member and also the mood maker. He is very confident on stage, and  he can dance well too. in my opinion, Junsu's heart is very pure. He often greets and bow to his senior even though he is very famous. He also always involves himself in charity. As I know, there is a village named after him in Cambodia for appreciation for what he had done for the people there. Junsu is a perfectionist, he always make sure that everything he do is perfect and satisfying.

Somehow, Junsu also very random. He alays say things without thinking about it first. For example, he can say things like "OMG sun" which stands for I can't see the ball because of the sun. It's hilarious when you see how he comes out with the idea for the first place. Junsu also loves to tell other people his "oyaji gags" which stands for uncle jokes (I'm not very sure either) and people always say that his jokes is very lame.(but it always make me laugh ^^). Junsu also loves to learn languages, and as far as I know, he say that he can speak Kenyan language. His Kenyan language was very awkward and every time he says it, everybody will surely laugh. Like"Bambaya" or something like that.

Cute, right???

I love his smile~ It always brighten my day~ ^^

And now, his brother Junho is also a singer under the stage name Zuno. His brother make a debut with chinese song in China. Junsu claims that he and his brother never fight since they were little. I guess their bond between each other is very strong. His mother also clarifies the fact.

Junho is very tall. His height is 187 cm while Junsu is only 178 cm.

Do you see any similarities btween Junsu and Junho?

Now you guys know why I adore Junsu that much? Actually I am going to write more, but it is too long already. If I have the time, I'll surely post something to add in more about the reason why he is always my favourite star and also man~ But for now, I'll guess I'll continue my studies~ ^^ ciao~

 Have a great day~~


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