Monday, May 14, 2012


Okay, don't get confused with the title. As much I do love Harry Potter, (taratallegra is a one of the magic spell from Harry Potter) it actually referring to Junsu's new single (or should I call it album). Have anyone of you watch the mv yet? I am seriously affected by the mv, it is so addicting! I love the song~ The mv concept is sexy!

I really want to go to his showcase!! T.T

Tarantallegra bus!!

You'll see how 'delicious' Junsu have become in this mv. The song Taratallegra is written by his twin brother, Juno and it's featuring Flowsik as well. I might get my hand on those album, but not in this period of time cause I really need to save up my money. Maybe next semester I guess? hehe.. Xiah Junsu, you ROCK!!

warmest greetings..^^