Friday, September 18, 2015

20 Updates From The Blog Owner

It's been long time I haven't update this blog! Haha presenting 20 updates from my life :

1) It's September 2015 now
2) Am working as Production Engineer
3) Just finished my mandarin class and my HOD is the trainer hahaa
4) I'm SINGLE! (yes, I am.)
5) Almost month end, and this the time where I hate the most due to numbers of report waiting to be finalised =.=
6) Am I happy? Kinda, but still have to work and move forward towards my target.
7) Its hazy and sunny and hot. Thankfully my room have aircond.
8) I miss my friends! 
9) Currently, I'm a part of QMS Commitee for my company. ISO audit is around the corner...
10) Own a cat (well family cat), and i miss that white furball!
11) My life now is kinda boring, need to find/add more excitement to it.
12) I will try to read my pending books that haven't been touched (I got around 8-9 books)
13) In the middle of washing my clothes (well washing machine is washing it right now)..
14) I haven't tidy up my room...hmmm
15) Planned to watch futsal tournament this evening 
16) my PHONE hardly RINGS except for work related issues~
17) I still don't know how to DRIVE a car~ In the middle of taking car license and I know how to drive a forklift hahaa
18) Planning to get a car next year, see how first 
19) Rumours of me wanted to resign and get job offer from Singapore is lingering at my company. The weird thing is I didn't even own a passport to go to Singapore. 
20) Interested to gain more and more knowledge in Engineering so that it can be my value added skills for searching new job in the future.

and, this is what I can think of when i'm typing..sorry if it doesn't entertain you in any way but really, this is what happening in my life so far~

warmest greetings..^^