Friday, October 19, 2012

The painful fact..

The painful fact that the good time has come to an end, I surely do missed my 5 dorky boys, who try their best to do their performance for the sake of fans. The most beautiful harmony that perfectly blend the 5 different voices into one perfect song, takes it to another level is not something that I want to give up easily. Will wishing upon the evening star will make them back together? Even if it is impossible for them to get back together, as a fans, I just really hope they will maintain their friendship because I missed the moment when Changmin bullies his hyung, and the moment where Yunho interact with each of the member and having fun together. Just listen to this live performance of the 5 of them, and I hope you'll understand how precious their existence to me.

Sorry for the infamous entry.

warmest greetings..^^