Saturday, January 28, 2017


Hi all,

Its seems that I didn't give any care at all for this blog.
I guess I didn't like to write like I use to be..
Lately I been thinking about a lot of things.
About life and stuff..
I guess I still at a phase where I still unsure where my direction at.
And, after being alone for a long time, I guess I kinda crave that companionship
beside me, a support? Romantically of course.
Coming to an age where I'm almost 30, I guess everyone having the same thought
as I am, on when to settle down and having kids and stuff.
But of course, sometimes I didn't think that this is that important until I see
and read those happy stories of having a family, having someone there for you,
to support you all the time. Humans can't go alone in this world, they are created in pairs..
I guess its time to find mine?
And move on from the past...


warmest greetings..^^