Thursday, April 14, 2011

The perfect guy for ME?

 Out of nowhere, I just feels like writing about this topic. You see, people were often mistaken by my relationship status. Well, I don't like to answer that question at all, like seriously. Why even bother? Well, I leave that question unanswered. If I wanna make it public, I'll announce it. If not, don't even bother. (okay, I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm that popular, actually I'm just an average girl but people keep asking. so..don't take me wrong.) But hey, that's not the topic for today. The perfect guy is what I'm going to write for today...!

Okay, as I am writing, I still thinking what should I write. Okay, as for me, it's simple. People call it as the standard evaluation for a guy : dark, tall and handsome. Or should I say a guys wtih 5C's that stands for Career, Car, Condominium, Credit Card and Cute. (I just add cute cause I actually forgot what the other one). Boohoo..Sorry. It's actually not even close. Okay, maybe just a little. Now, are you interested in reading the truth? Cause what I've been writing for now is just not answering the topic properly.

First of all, I would like this particular guy (someday) is sensitive enough to notice my feelings at a particular time. Sometimes, I can see just how ignorant some guy (not related to my life actually) to ask their girlfriend whats wrong when obviously it is shown in their face. When I'm sad or mad or annoyed, I hope that particular someone will be able to feel and notices it when other people don't. It is great when someone you love actually know who you are and able to see you through.

Second of all, well I don't mind outer appearance though, but I just want this particular person to be taller than me (even though just a little, it's still okay) and please, please please please, be a cute man~ Okay, it's not like I'm demanding much right? Maybe, a little. But, tell you the truth, I don't like handsome man that much, I'm attracted to cuter one actually. You see, for me cute guy looks adorable and you just feels like hugging him like a teddy bear (just an expression on how cute guy can make you feel just by looking at him). Chubby cheeks, is the cutest. hahah! You feels like pinching his cheeks all day long (I'll make them suffer!! *evil laugh*).

 Okay, I know Junsu doesn't have a very chubby cheeks, but he's so cute!!

Third, hurmm..Kindness and warmth is one of the major qualities that I want this particular guy have. Literally, not like he's hot or having a high body temperature, you guys get it what I want to say right? Like, he is able to touch people's heart or something like he is so kind that people will naturally attracted and likes him. Something like that? okay, I don't know how exactly I'll describe it. But somehow, if I see this people somewhere, I'll be able to tell.

It's still a long long journey ahead of my life, and I don't mind taking a slower path in this kind of thingy, but somehow I'll managed it someday. Well, in a positive way, I'm still in love with my life right now. Great things will somehow find it's way to me if it is meant to be, right? Long post, and I'm tired, just let me stop for now~ (I know, it's not even that interesting. But well, if you read, I'll be forever grateful for taking your precious time in reading~) Kamsamida~ ^^

I'll take my time~~ ciao~


warmest greetings..^^