Friday, September 9, 2011


Okay, seriously I don't know what is this particular person have to do with me, but every time he has a chance to humiliate me in front of everyone, he will say everything sarcastic about me and make fun about it with everyone! Oh come on! You are older enough, and as long as I remember I never do anything like that to you!! I don't know why, but he is older (late 20s) and not a kid anymore. Maybe the way he sees it is amusing, but not for me! In class, he has the same problem with some of my friends too, but all of them are boys, so they don't take it too seriously. But for me, I do think it as a burden to me, and I can't seem to understand why is he being like this! It's not funny, and it offends me, like A LOT!

*Sigh*  I really want to have a good and problem free semester this time, but this particular person really bothers me a lot, with every chance that might comes along, he can say anything that will not only humiliating, but offends me, in a bad bad way~ How can I possibly not lose my temper with this..Hoping that he can realize it himself. So far, I can see him as the insensitive guy who only thing about himself (Selfish, OBVIOUSLY) and love to humiliate people (including ME). Oh God, please do not let him get involved with me in any way.

Well guys, you can say that this is also the reason why I always hate the fact that my holidays are over! Well, if he ever say or humiliate me in class, I definitely BLOG about him in here! For sure! Ciao..Wish me luck..*Sigh*

UpdateD~! ^^

It has been about a month I didn’t do anything (addin’ stuff in my blog) and ever since I can see that my blog visitor has decreased. Well I really can’t do anything about it since there’s no interesting post I can post~ Well, Since I have started to type, I have to continue typing all the things that been disturbing my head this few days~ Wonder what it is? My holiday will come to an end in just two week and school will start once again.

I really hate it when my holidays are over... ㅠ.ㅠ
*Sigh* I know I always complain about this, but this time I seriously don’t want to go back to my university. It sucks, and seeing this one person that I hated so much appear in my sight once again is really tiresome! Hoping that he will disappear is not a good thing to say, but I never hated a person like this in my entire life! Ignorance is a really tiring thing to do, and I’m sick of it. But I can’t accept that he and I will be back in a good relationship like we used to be, so I had to make ignorance my good good friend~

Other than that, I guess I have to refresh my head to begin accepting new knowledge as I had four month of holiday, and I haven’t use my brain in that period of time~ There’s a lot of problems occur even before I started to attend school you see. My university doesn’t accept my application for hostel, so I guess I have to find a room to rent~ It’s really unfair to see how much I do participate in my university program and still not getting hostel. I will become lazy after this, not wanting to participate in anything cause I know how much you participate doesn’t really gives any advantages~ The system really sucks!

Other than upsetting things that I see beyond my returning to my university, I see good thing too. Well that is able to see my friends once again. And I can’t wait to see my cousins again, especially my little cousin~! Other than that, I’ll be able to watch new movies that comes out in cinema. Well, maybe that’s all? *Sigh* Well at least I can always visit this blog to update things as my life in university is boring. Well, I hope you guys look forward to my blog later on~ Ciao! ^^

warmest greetings..^^