Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Best Absolute Perfect a.k.a B.A.P

Wonder what the title refers to? You see, I kinda addicted to this one rookie group that debuted this year, and seriously I think they are super duper cool! I like their concept, music and even the member themselves. B.A.P is one group that have big potential in becoming South Korea top idol and compared to other rookie, their music and style and even live performance has been consistent and that is why I just can't let go the chance of becoming one of their fans. Well, so far I love all of their song, and my favorite is Warrior. Wait, is it Power or is it No Mercy? Wait, wait...Oh geez I can't choose cause all of them are my favorite!!

I know lots of fans are going to argue like oh look you haven't see this group yet, blah blah blah..Well, the interesting part of this is, B.A.P overshadowed them all. I know people were totally overwhelmed by 12 handsome boy from EXO, but seriously if compared to B.A.P, I just can't resist B.A.P's charms. They were very charismatic on stage, and their dance just melts me away! Tell me, who wouldn't love them? Zelo, the maknae of the group is seriously adorable! B.A.P releases their new mv today, Crash and I recommend to watch that mv because you'll see their aegyo and playful side of them. Plus, 2/3 of the mv was filmed in Malaysia, my country! ^^

 B.A.P has captured my heart and I am going to treasure them! I hope they will win rookie award this year because no other group deserved it more than they do! B.A.P fightingggg!!!

warmest greetings..^^