Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012..! The year of the Dragon!

First of all, happy new year to all of you..! 2011 has left and I really hopes it brings good memories to you guys~ 2012 is finally here and have you ready your resolution for 2012 yet??? Well, my resolution are:
~ Improving my grades
~ Living the year 2012 to my heart content
~ Watching new korean drama next year ( okay, is this considered as a resolution? >.< )
~ Going to church more often
~ Praying more often.
~ Exercising more often
~ Studying more often (Has to be more hardworking!)

Well, I can conclude all my resolution for 2012 to the ones that I mention above...Well, I hope I can achieve all the things that I state above! Hwaiting! ^^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Chibi DBSK (credits to ppl who make this..)

Christmas is coming..!! I absolutely love LOVE Christmas! It's a period of time where we celebrate joy, love and the Lord himself. This year Christmas is going to be a memorable one because my family is going to be here (Sabah) as well to celebrate with my mum's family here. So, it's going to be a family gathering for all of us. Well, perhaps there are only one thing that bothers me a lot during this period of time. Yup, A LOT! You see, study week is the same as our holiday week (24/12 - 02/01) so it's suck to have to study while celebrating Christmas....=.="

Jaejoong~ cuteee!
Hey, what is your favorite Christmas song? Mine? It's going to be all Christmas songs that exists~ ^^ I do love Christmas song because it makes my happy~ You know, when I'm stressed and unhappy, I usually have this habit on listening to Christmas song to calm and relieve my unstable emotion. Well, it works right away! ^^ Maybe you can try it too~ Anyway, I hope all of you who visited and read my blog will have a great time in celebrating Christmas~ ^^ Until then, bye~~~

Friday, November 18, 2011

Greyson Chance live in KK...!

Tickets to the showcase!


Okay, seriously at first I actually don’t know about Greyson Chance, but coincidentally my cousin give me 5 free ticket to his showcase. So, I decided to come and see how great is this Youtube’s sensation sings. And I gotta say that he sings quite well for someone his age. I mean, his singing doesn’t fall out of note and it is quite steady. He even sings high note and still able to keep pace with other note after singing high note. Not to mention, he is the only one who plays the instrument (piano) without another backups musicians. I am impressed, but the only thing that bothers me during the showcase is the disturbing noise from Greyson’s obsessed fans especially the middle school fans girls. Seriously, they kept shouting when Greyson is try to perform. Hey, come on, just let the kid sing! 

He's singing Unfriend You.
Backstage picture. He's cute..!
Their voice is hurting my ears and seriously they could be the next Mariah Carey with their high pitch voice from shouting Greyson’s name. Overall, without the disturbing noise, I could really enjoy the showcase. And one more thing. I just find out that my cousin ( the Era KK fm DJ) take a picture with Greyson! *sigh* If I know he's meeting with Greyson I could have ask for Greyson's autograph. I am jealous! But never mind. Greyson himself states that he might want to go to KK again in the future. So, I'll wait for it. Hey Greyson, if you are reading this, I gotta say you got talent. I’m sure this talent will take you somewhere higher. Good luck! ^^ p/s I heart you~ ahaha..

The picture that makes me jealous!! (That's my cousin beside Greyson)

Monday, November 7, 2011

I've been TAGGED...!

Well first of all, thank very much to my friend, Andrea because tag me into this things which require me to do and answer your question. Well, well, well...I only manage to do it now because I am too lazy to do it..heh~ Well, here it goes! The rules and regulation are:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.

2. Answer the question tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged the answer.

3. Choose 11 people to tag the post and link them the post. (I'm lazy to tag people, so let skip this~)

4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her (This too, I'm lazy)

My questions are:
1. The story behind your blog name.
2.What is your favorite LOVE quote.
3.Do you read? What is your favorite book?
4. A place you wish to go to.
5. Three things you want to say to three different people.
6.What is the best Love story you ever watched?
7. Seven things that cross your mind now.
8. One thing you wish you can have right now
9. Name something you dislike about the day you are having
10. If the world were to end tomorrow, 
what will you do with your remaining time on earth?
11. Screenshot/Print screen your desktop.
Okay, first of all before I answered those questions, I better write 11 things about me. 
11 things about Sylvia

1. I love Jesus
2. I love DBSK, be it HoMin or JYJ, I love both as 5.
3. I love my family.
4. I love everything related to Korea, be it dramas, idols, culture, foods.....
5. I love my friends~ You should know who you are..
6. I dislikes selfish people. Like, SERIOUSLY!
7. I dislikes hypocrite people. 
8. Loving music, from classic to modern~ 
9. I love manicures.
10. A very simple person who doesn't bother whats people commenting about me~
11. Undertaking Mechanical Engineering!

My questions:
1. The story behind your blog name.
This blog literally is about my opinions, thought and views, so that why I name it "This is my Views, Opinions and Thought". Makes sense right?

2.What is your favorite LOVE quote.
Don't find love. Let love find you. Because when you are falling in love, you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall.

3.Do you read? What is your favorite book?
 I got to say Harry Potter series and also Twilight series. But I'm not a fan for Twilight series the movies cause the books are way better!

4. A place you wish to go to.
 Obviously South Korea. But I might considering France.

5. Three things you want to say to three different people.
Mr R - Get a life, and don't even bother to even reconnect with me again. I don't give a damn about you anymore.
Nurul Afiqah - I miss you and hope we can go to gym and pool together again~
Anna Christabel - I miss you also, and I miss to hang out with you again~ See you this coming January!

6.What is the best Love story you ever watched?
 The best love story ever that I ever watched is Stairway to heaven.

7. Seven things that cross your mind now.
c) So Ji Sub - I don't know why, but he is my desktop background..
d) Holidays - very boring but enough to make me recharged myself to get ready for another week of lectures.
e) Friends across the sea! I miss them, like so much!
f) Whats for dinner~
g) I must download all dramas today! wahahaha.. (I am downloading drama when I'm doing this~)

8. One thing you wish you can have right now
 I wish I have private jet plane so I can go back and forth from my home to UMS~

9. Name something you dislike about the day you are having
I hate the fact that the internet speed connection using WiFi in SKTM is not that fast today...

10. If the world were to end tomorrow, 
what will you do with your remaining time on earth?
I guess, I'll be with my family, praying and repent.

11. Screenshot/Print screen your desktop.
   This is So Ji Sub, my desktop background~ Very handsome right?

Okays, thats the end of this long post...I'm not going to tag anyone, but anyone who wishes to do this, are very welcomed. ^^ Ciao~

Dramas that I’ll never get tired of when I watch it all over and over again..!

I'm Sorry, I love you
Stairway to Heaven

There are many Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas that I’ve watched so far. Some of them are really interesting to watch, and some of them I watch due to my friend’s recommendation. But, sooner or later, this so called “must watch” drama makes me bored with the storyline if I intended to watch it all over again. Except for few. The drama that I’m going to list here is the ones that I never get bored off whenever I watch them again. If the scene is a sad scene, it really makes me feel emotional (yeah, that’s right…….). With great actor acting in the drama, you can actually feel and cry with them. Yeah, I know it sound kinda stupid to cry over a sad scene in dramas but admit it, you must have this feeling once when you watch it, right? If you are a drama lover say YES! (me? YES!!!)

I realize that, a good drama is hard to find. Yes, there might be some that are popular, but the storyline doesn’t stay with you for a long time. Sooner or later, you must feel boring with it. But, for me, there is some exception to this reality. Dramas that is so good that even though I already know the storyline, I never feel tired of it. The dramas that I mention about are:

1.1             1. I’m sorry, I love you (Kdrama)
2.                        2.Stairway to heaven (Kdrama)
3.                        3.1 liters  of tear (Jdrama)
4.                        4.Man of the Vineyard (Kdrama)
5.                       5.Coffee Prince (Kdrama)
6.                       6.Nodame Cantabile (Jdrama)
7.                      7. My Boss, My Hero (Jdrama)

Yeah, that’s my list. Well, some of the drama I mention about have a very sad storyline
(i.e I’m Sorry I love you and 1 liters of tear) and some of them are very funny (i.e My Boss My Hero). Well, if some of you never heard of the drama that I listed above, why don’t you guys try it out? You might agree with me, right? ^^

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Keep moving on..

A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke.

All laughed like crazy. After a moment he cracked the same joke again and a little less people laughed this time.
He cracked the same joke again & again, when there was no laughter in the crowd,
he smiled and said,

“When u can’t laugh on the same joke again & again, then why do u keep crying over the same thing over and over again”
‘Learn to move on’…
Cheers & Have A Nice Day!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Guessing what B1A4 stands for? It stands for Blood type~ There's 1 person type A and another 4 person type B. Hohoh..Actually I come to like this newly debut (not too new though..about 6 months or so) K-Pop group. They are quite cool too. I mean they are not emphasizing on looks only, they got good voice too, so that what I really like about them. Well I guess you can call me their NUNA fans (stands for older sister/women in Korea) since they are a lot younger than me.


If you guys might wondering which songs from this group are worth listening to, I might as well suggest Beautiful target and OK which is my favorite. Curious? Why don't you start typing Youtube in your browser and start watching their vids~ Well, until then, ciao~ ^^

Thursday, October 13, 2011 - The easiest way to earn!

Hello guyssss..!!! Who wanna know how to earn the easy way?? I got the solution! Okay, I know it looks like I'm promoting something that can't be done, but it's true..I got my earning (but still in progress cause I just joined) but you can see the proof yourself. Everyday you can make money by just asking your friends to click your link (RM0.20 per link)! Imagine if you do this for just 2 month, and you'll get what you want~ Easy right? Well, if any of you are interested, you can just go here~ Hope to see you guys soon~ ^^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My so called friendS~

My life so far? Not good! If only I don't really care about other people and just do what I want (other word, being SELFISH!) then only I'll get to live my life, so let it be then. Cause from what I can see right know is, when I do care and think about others, the only thing I got is their ignorance to me and not to mention being a fool for the one who doesn't even know what they are talking about (because they don't want to share their secret with me for not being trustworthy enough!). For your information my so-called friends (notice the "s" cause it's more than 1 person) I do keep a secret, a secret till the rest of my life cause I know that it is not meant to tell other if you want to keep it as a secret. What the use of calling me your friend if you don't trust me? I take friendship seriously and sharing is like the fundamental of friendship. Come on, you talking about something that I obviously don't know and you expect me to just ignores and smile??

What kind of friend am I to you?? A friend for you to copy assignments? Or a friend for you to refer for your studies? Is that it? What is the meaning of friendship in your life? Simply as a tool? For this reason, I don't think I'll be able to categorized you guys as my friends anymore. I'll guess I'll call you someone I know. Not friends. Remember this, there's more to friendship than you think it is. Treasures it, or you'll never get what you want in friendship. Sorry for the wrong grammar or whatever, but I deserve the right to decide and post what I want in my blog. It's my space after all! Thank you for reading!

Keep this in mind, cause it might happens to you someday~!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Okay, seriously I don't know what is this particular person have to do with me, but every time he has a chance to humiliate me in front of everyone, he will say everything sarcastic about me and make fun about it with everyone! Oh come on! You are older enough, and as long as I remember I never do anything like that to you!! I don't know why, but he is older (late 20s) and not a kid anymore. Maybe the way he sees it is amusing, but not for me! In class, he has the same problem with some of my friends too, but all of them are boys, so they don't take it too seriously. But for me, I do think it as a burden to me, and I can't seem to understand why is he being like this! It's not funny, and it offends me, like A LOT!

*Sigh*  I really want to have a good and problem free semester this time, but this particular person really bothers me a lot, with every chance that might comes along, he can say anything that will not only humiliating, but offends me, in a bad bad way~ How can I possibly not lose my temper with this..Hoping that he can realize it himself. So far, I can see him as the insensitive guy who only thing about himself (Selfish, OBVIOUSLY) and love to humiliate people (including ME). Oh God, please do not let him get involved with me in any way.

Well guys, you can say that this is also the reason why I always hate the fact that my holidays are over! Well, if he ever say or humiliate me in class, I definitely BLOG about him in here! For sure! Ciao..Wish me luck..*Sigh*

UpdateD~! ^^

It has been about a month I didn’t do anything (addin’ stuff in my blog) and ever since I can see that my blog visitor has decreased. Well I really can’t do anything about it since there’s no interesting post I can post~ Well, Since I have started to type, I have to continue typing all the things that been disturbing my head this few days~ Wonder what it is? My holiday will come to an end in just two week and school will start once again.

I really hate it when my holidays are over... ㅠ.ㅠ
*Sigh* I know I always complain about this, but this time I seriously don’t want to go back to my university. It sucks, and seeing this one person that I hated so much appear in my sight once again is really tiresome! Hoping that he will disappear is not a good thing to say, but I never hated a person like this in my entire life! Ignorance is a really tiring thing to do, and I’m sick of it. But I can’t accept that he and I will be back in a good relationship like we used to be, so I had to make ignorance my good good friend~

Other than that, I guess I have to refresh my head to begin accepting new knowledge as I had four month of holiday, and I haven’t use my brain in that period of time~ There’s a lot of problems occur even before I started to attend school you see. My university doesn’t accept my application for hostel, so I guess I have to find a room to rent~ It’s really unfair to see how much I do participate in my university program and still not getting hostel. I will become lazy after this, not wanting to participate in anything cause I know how much you participate doesn’t really gives any advantages~ The system really sucks!

Other than upsetting things that I see beyond my returning to my university, I see good thing too. Well that is able to see my friends once again. And I can’t wait to see my cousins again, especially my little cousin~! Other than that, I’ll be able to watch new movies that comes out in cinema. Well, maybe that’s all? *Sigh* Well at least I can always visit this blog to update things as my life in university is boring. Well, I hope you guys look forward to my blog later on~ Ciao! ^^

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lie To Me Sypnosis

Hi everybody..!! It’s been about a month since the last post in this blog. Honestly, I am lazy to update anything because of the fact that there’s nothing much that I can type. But now, I got tonnes of things that I want to type and share to you guys. According to the title, you guys can guess right what exactly I’m going to write about this time? Yup, Lie To Me. It’s a Korean drama that I think fun to watch. The plot is a bit confusing you see. But, there’s a lot of fun scene in the drama that will make you entertained.

The drama is about Gong Ah Jeong  and Hyeon Gi Jun. Gong Ah Jeong works as an officer in Korean Tourism Ministry and Hyeon Gi jun is the president for World Hotel, a prestigious hotel in Korea. So, how actually the drama built up around both of them? It’s started with a lie. Yes, a lie. Gong Ah Jeong lie to her friend that she actually married (which is not!). Now, coincidently, her other friend saw Ah Jeong with Hyeon Gi jun. The rumors spread everywhere, and then with the help (and also lies) from Gi Jun’s brother, Sang Hee, they actually have to pretend and lie to the important investor to World Hotel from China that they were married to get the investor’s attention and also approval for contract.
The drama advances more and become more complicated when Gi Jun’s ex-fiancee, Yun Ju comes back to Korea after 3 years of separation. She still believes that Gi Jun still loves her even after 3 year have passed by. But, is he? 

Well enough of synopsis because it won’t be too much entertaining if you know all about it right? For those who want to watch the drama, I can give you the link to download the drama by yourself. Luckily, the size of each episode is not 700~800 mb, which will saves a lot of your disk space in your laptop. 375 mb per episode, I think it’ll be convenient to those who doesn’t have pretty good internet speed. Well, enjoy downloading and watching..! ^^


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

THSK - Doushite Kimiwa Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou

Changed my blog song again, and personally this is my favourite song. The lyrics itself is amazing. It conveys one's feeling when he sees the girl that has been there throughout his life, the girl that he love, walking down the aisle with the man (the girl's husband) that suspose to be him. How sad is that? Read through the lyrics and you'll be able to sense the feeling that DBSK trying to convey in this song. I really love this song, and I hope you guys like it too..^^
Doushite Kimiwa Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?
Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni

Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi

Doushite kimi ni nani mo tsutaerarenakattan darou?
Mainichi maiban tsunotteku omoi
Afuredasu kotoba, wakatteta no ni [Yunho](mou todokanai)

Hajimete deatta, sono hi kara
Kimi wo shitteita ki ga shitan da
Amari ni shizen ni tokende shimatta futari

Doko e iku no ni mo issho de
Kimi ga iru koto ga touzen de
Bokura wa futari otona ni natte kita

Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi

Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni [Yoochun](mou kanawanai)

Tokubetsu na imi wo motsu kyou wo
Shiawase kao de tatsu kyou wo
Kirei na sugata de kami sama ni chikatteru, kimi wo

Boku ja nai hito no tonari de
Shukufuku sareteru sugata wo
Boku wa dou yatte miokureba ii no darou?

Mou doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Ano koro mo, bokura no koto,[Yoochun] mou moderenai [Jaejoong] (kangaeta)[Yoochun] modorenai [Jaejoong](kangaeta)

Doushite kimi no te wo tsukami ubaenakattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Boku no yoko ni, iru hazu datta [yunho](sono mama nii)

Sore demo kimi ga boku no soba nara to itte mo
Eien ni kimi ga shiawase de iru koto
Tada negatteru

Tatoe sore ga donna ni sabishikutemo

Why Did I Fall In Love With You?

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here
But you chose a different road

Why wasn't I able to convey to you?
My feelings that were growing everyday and night
The words begin to overflow
But I know they won't reach you now

From the first day that I met you
I felt like I knew you
And the two of us melted together so naturally

Wherever we would go, it would be together
It was so natural for you to be with me
We became adults together
But you chose a different road

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here (but not anymore)

For the day that holds a special meaning
For the day where we can stand with happy faces
For you looking beautiful while praying to god

Next to the person who is not me
There is the figure of someone truly blessed
So how am I supposed to see you off?

So why have I fallen for you?
We can't go back to that time, or how we were (I've thought it through)

Why wasn't I able to take your hand?
No matter how much time passes
You were supposed to be at my side (just like that)

But, even though I say that I need you close to me
I just pray that you will be happy forever
No matter how lonely that makes me (or how sad)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miss Ripley Character synopsis..!!

Miss Ripley is a new Korean drama that airs in South Korea right now. Surprisingly, the drama rank first in viewer ratings in the very first episode with 13.2% ratings. That's pretty high!! Miss Ripley is a very interesting drama and it involves JYJ's Yoochun and also Lee Da Hae (She act as Joo Yoo Rin in My Girl) as lead role. Now, at first Miss Ripley do catch my attention due to the fact that Yoochun act as the main role, but when I read the viewer's opinion and also the synopsis of the drama, I really want to watch this drama! Sadly, I still can't find where to watch the drama now cause it is still new. Last but not least, this the character's synopsis for the drama..!! ^^

Yutaka (Actor : Park Yoochun)
Heir to Mondo Resorts, Korean Name : Song Yoo Hyun
“Cautious, only seeking the truth… This generation’s Prince Charming”
Buried in his heart is his longing for his birth mother.
At the same time, he often feels apologetic to his step-mother, who is unable to have children of her own, and because of this, hopes that she can be involved in the running of the company as well. He has a strong relationship with his step-mother, and returns to the country for the resort. He meets Miri at the study hostel where he is temporarily residing in, and realises that Miri also shares a similar loneliness.

Jang Miri (Actress : Lee Da Hae)
Japanese Name : Mirai
“The one who bears a lonely soul, howling in a world of darkness.”
Straightforward, confident, fears nothing, and very realistic….
She was abandoned by her parents as a child, and doesn’t trust society and people. Therefore, she is emotionally violent, vain, selfish and very greedy. After being adopted in Japan, she was sold to a club to pay off her stepfather’s debts, and led a life of dread. She then escapes back to Korea, and begins working in a hotel, beginning her new life.

Moon Hui Joo (Actress : Kang Hye Jung)
Miri’s Younger Sister from the Orphanage
“Obedient, innocent, weak, pure, yet smart and quick witted.”
Losing her parents to a traffic accident, she became an orphan at a young age.
Her body is weak, and she is very introverted, always quiet at the orphanage. She liked Miri from the first time they met, because Miri was her exact opposite, with strong opinions. She likes following Miri around, and when Miri was adopted to Japan, she whole-heartedly wished that Miri would find happiness, a warm-hearted child.

Jang Myeong Hoon (Actor : Kim Seung Woo)
Hotel’s Managing Director
“Always aiming for No. 1, and often becoming No. 1, the perfect man.”
A man of few words, cautious, accurate, calm, with a strong sense of responsibility. Once he decides on something, he will never look back….
In short, he is a man who has never messed up, a trustworthy elite, but not someone you can lean on. He meets Miri, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Initially, he plans to fire Miri but soon discovers her good points, and helps her to succeed. In the end, he is unable to control himself and falls in love with her.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + iMBC]
Translated & Shared by :

Now, I suggest you guys go and watch this drama because it is based on true stories in South Korea. The drama depicts a woman where she lies to achieve her goal. I'm sure this drama is worthy of your attention. Anyway, I give full credits to those who post this article. ciao~

Five Syllable Talk With Park Yoochun

This is the ‘five syllable talk’ interview with Park Yoochun that was included in the Micky Party Birthday Book. Note that translated, the questions and answers obviously don’t add up to five syllables. ^^ But Yoochun did answer the question with five syllable in Korean of course~ Let's read~ ^^

You can see his answer in korean in here~ Five syllable answers from Yoochun..
Are you happy these days? – I’m so happy.
Are rehearsals going well? - Yeah, they’re going well.
When will we meet again? – We’ll meet when the time comes.
Are you really lonely? – No, not at all.
Are you eating well? – Because of my Colitis.

You’re healthy, right? – Because of my Colitis.
Do you like skinny jeans? – Yes, because they have a nice fit.
Do you watch your figure? – Do you?
Your definition of happiness? – Continuous consideration for others.
How does it feel to be 26? – There’s nothing much to it.
How do you feel right now? – So so.
What do you do at night? – I film.
What do you think about before you sleep? – I should quit drinking.
How much do you drink usually? – One or two drinks and I’m done.
What do you prefer to eat with your drink? – Steamed Beolgyo cockles.
What snacks do you like? - I don’t like eating snacks.
What role do you want to play? – The Express Bus Terminal. (T/N: 역 means both ‘role’ and ‘station’. There he goes with his lame jokes again~)
What did you think of being in a historical drama? - It was hot and cold.
Have you thought about appearing in a movie? – The risks are big.
What kind of cf do you want to try? – A cf for underwear.
What do you feel when you get on stage? – I feel that I’m alive.
Where do you want to visit? – Around the Gaema Heights.
What’s your tonic? – Heotgae Condition (T/N: It’s a healthy energy drink).
What color underwear do you prefer? – Black&pink.
What is your charm? – My charm is that I have no charm.
Something that recently made you sad? – Because of my Colitis.
Something that recently made you happy? – My Colitis went away.
Do you tear up sometimes? - It’s not always an act (T/N: as in he doesn’t only cry for his drama)
What are you into these days? Bugatti Veyron.
What’s your catchphrase these days? – Because of my Colitis.
Your current weight? 62.5kg.
Your current ideal woman? – Always Kim Tae Hee.
When do you plan on getting married? – I don’t plan on getting married.
Plans for children? – Older daughter, younger son.
We’re pretty, right? - Your hearts are pretty.
Your future plans? – Buy a building.
Are these five syllable talks difficult? – They’re so banal now.
What do you want to say to us? – Watch my drama when it airs!

Source: [Micky Party Birthday Book + Yuaerubi]
Translated & Shared by:

He always talk and blame his colitis. Anyway, I found this very interesting and just want to share this to you guys out there~ Oh, btw I do get this from other site, so I do give credits to those who I mention. ^^

warmest greetings..^^