Friday, November 18, 2011

Greyson Chance live in KK...!

Tickets to the showcase!


Okay, seriously at first I actually don’t know about Greyson Chance, but coincidentally my cousin give me 5 free ticket to his showcase. So, I decided to come and see how great is this Youtube’s sensation sings. And I gotta say that he sings quite well for someone his age. I mean, his singing doesn’t fall out of note and it is quite steady. He even sings high note and still able to keep pace with other note after singing high note. Not to mention, he is the only one who plays the instrument (piano) without another backups musicians. I am impressed, but the only thing that bothers me during the showcase is the disturbing noise from Greyson’s obsessed fans especially the middle school fans girls. Seriously, they kept shouting when Greyson is try to perform. Hey, come on, just let the kid sing! 

He's singing Unfriend You.
Backstage picture. He's cute..!
Their voice is hurting my ears and seriously they could be the next Mariah Carey with their high pitch voice from shouting Greyson’s name. Overall, without the disturbing noise, I could really enjoy the showcase. And one more thing. I just find out that my cousin ( the Era KK fm DJ) take a picture with Greyson! *sigh* If I know he's meeting with Greyson I could have ask for Greyson's autograph. I am jealous! But never mind. Greyson himself states that he might want to go to KK again in the future. So, I'll wait for it. Hey Greyson, if you are reading this, I gotta say you got talent. I’m sure this talent will take you somewhere higher. Good luck! ^^ p/s I heart you~ ahaha..

The picture that makes me jealous!! (That's my cousin beside Greyson)

Monday, November 7, 2011

I've been TAGGED...!

Well first of all, thank very much to my friend, Andrea because tag me into this things which require me to do and answer your question. Well, well, well...I only manage to do it now because I am too lazy to do it..heh~ Well, here it goes! The rules and regulation are:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.

2. Answer the question tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tagged the answer.

3. Choose 11 people to tag the post and link them the post. (I'm lazy to tag people, so let skip this~)

4. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her (This too, I'm lazy)

My questions are:
1. The story behind your blog name.
2.What is your favorite LOVE quote.
3.Do you read? What is your favorite book?
4. A place you wish to go to.
5. Three things you want to say to three different people.
6.What is the best Love story you ever watched?
7. Seven things that cross your mind now.
8. One thing you wish you can have right now
9. Name something you dislike about the day you are having
10. If the world were to end tomorrow, 
what will you do with your remaining time on earth?
11. Screenshot/Print screen your desktop.
Okay, first of all before I answered those questions, I better write 11 things about me. 
11 things about Sylvia

1. I love Jesus
2. I love DBSK, be it HoMin or JYJ, I love both as 5.
3. I love my family.
4. I love everything related to Korea, be it dramas, idols, culture, foods.....
5. I love my friends~ You should know who you are..
6. I dislikes selfish people. Like, SERIOUSLY!
7. I dislikes hypocrite people. 
8. Loving music, from classic to modern~ 
9. I love manicures.
10. A very simple person who doesn't bother whats people commenting about me~
11. Undertaking Mechanical Engineering!

My questions:
1. The story behind your blog name.
This blog literally is about my opinions, thought and views, so that why I name it "This is my Views, Opinions and Thought". Makes sense right?

2.What is your favorite LOVE quote.
Don't find love. Let love find you. Because when you are falling in love, you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall.

3.Do you read? What is your favorite book?
 I got to say Harry Potter series and also Twilight series. But I'm not a fan for Twilight series the movies cause the books are way better!

4. A place you wish to go to.
 Obviously South Korea. But I might considering France.

5. Three things you want to say to three different people.
Mr R - Get a life, and don't even bother to even reconnect with me again. I don't give a damn about you anymore.
Nurul Afiqah - I miss you and hope we can go to gym and pool together again~
Anna Christabel - I miss you also, and I miss to hang out with you again~ See you this coming January!

6.What is the best Love story you ever watched?
 The best love story ever that I ever watched is Stairway to heaven.

7. Seven things that cross your mind now.
c) So Ji Sub - I don't know why, but he is my desktop background..
d) Holidays - very boring but enough to make me recharged myself to get ready for another week of lectures.
e) Friends across the sea! I miss them, like so much!
f) Whats for dinner~
g) I must download all dramas today! wahahaha.. (I am downloading drama when I'm doing this~)

8. One thing you wish you can have right now
 I wish I have private jet plane so I can go back and forth from my home to UMS~

9. Name something you dislike about the day you are having
I hate the fact that the internet speed connection using WiFi in SKTM is not that fast today...

10. If the world were to end tomorrow, 
what will you do with your remaining time on earth?
I guess, I'll be with my family, praying and repent.

11. Screenshot/Print screen your desktop.
   This is So Ji Sub, my desktop background~ Very handsome right?

Okays, thats the end of this long post...I'm not going to tag anyone, but anyone who wishes to do this, are very welcomed. ^^ Ciao~

Dramas that I’ll never get tired of when I watch it all over and over again..!

I'm Sorry, I love you
Stairway to Heaven

There are many Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas that I’ve watched so far. Some of them are really interesting to watch, and some of them I watch due to my friend’s recommendation. But, sooner or later, this so called “must watch” drama makes me bored with the storyline if I intended to watch it all over again. Except for few. The drama that I’m going to list here is the ones that I never get bored off whenever I watch them again. If the scene is a sad scene, it really makes me feel emotional (yeah, that’s right…….). With great actor acting in the drama, you can actually feel and cry with them. Yeah, I know it sound kinda stupid to cry over a sad scene in dramas but admit it, you must have this feeling once when you watch it, right? If you are a drama lover say YES! (me? YES!!!)

I realize that, a good drama is hard to find. Yes, there might be some that are popular, but the storyline doesn’t stay with you for a long time. Sooner or later, you must feel boring with it. But, for me, there is some exception to this reality. Dramas that is so good that even though I already know the storyline, I never feel tired of it. The dramas that I mention about are:

1.1             1. I’m sorry, I love you (Kdrama)
2.                        2.Stairway to heaven (Kdrama)
3.                        3.1 liters  of tear (Jdrama)
4.                        4.Man of the Vineyard (Kdrama)
5.                       5.Coffee Prince (Kdrama)
6.                       6.Nodame Cantabile (Jdrama)
7.                      7. My Boss, My Hero (Jdrama)

Yeah, that’s my list. Well, some of the drama I mention about have a very sad storyline
(i.e I’m Sorry I love you and 1 liters of tear) and some of them are very funny (i.e My Boss My Hero). Well, if some of you never heard of the drama that I listed above, why don’t you guys try it out? You might agree with me, right? ^^

warmest greetings..^^