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Youngwoong Jaejoong a.k.a Kim Jae Joong

Born on 26th January on 1986 (His actual birth is actually on 4th February 1986), Kim Jae Joong or Han Jae Joong is known as Hero (Youngwoong in Korea) Jae Joong is one of the member from DBSK. When you look at his face, he has this feminine face. I must stay that he is prettier than me. =.=" Whenever I see those edited picture of Jaejoong as a girl, I feel that he suppose to be born as a girl. So pretty..

Told ya he was pretty~

As a matter of fact, Jaejoong has 9 sister and he was the youngest one in his family.And yeah, you are expecting that his sisters are going to be pretty too right if Jaejoong as a man, is pretty. Well, I can say that the family genes is in every one of them. Jaejoong sister are pretty too, and heck I was jealous of their family for having such pretty siblings. Well, they are also close to one another. Jaejoong's sister is always there to watch over for Jaejoong's cat, Jiji. Jiji is quite famous among the fans, and if you google Jiji, you'll find more info about the cat. Jaejoong always complain that nowadays Jiji's present from the fans is surprisingly more than his (well, I dunno about now). Okay, I'm gonna show you Jaejoong and his sisters picture.

Prettyyyyy right??? there are also his niece here in this picture.

Despite his cold look as a man, Jaejoong actually is very warm at heart. When the members of DBSK first meet him, their first impressions was he is a cold man. And now when I'm recall back the interviews that includes Jaejoong's first impression by the members, he always feel sad. But, Jaejoong say it himself that whenever he looks in the mirror, he also agree that he look like a cold man. But, I do like Jaejoong's warmth. He is so caring about the members and he acts as the mother of the group (Umma Jaejoong!!). Jaejoong also can cook, and basically he is the one who cooks whenever the member are eating at home (well, I guess there must be some help from the member, right? ^^). Jaejoong likes to eat spicy things and can you imagine that he says that the spiciest pepper in the world (rank one among the pepper!) will be delicious to eat when cooked with his kimchi jigae (Kimchi soup)! He has a high tolerance toward spicy things compared to other member. The one thing that I notices about Jaejoong is that, whenever he laugh or smile, he always cover his laugh or smile. I believe that there is one time that he say in the interview that he has an ugly smile. Well, I don't think so, cause human are the prettiest when they are smiling~ ^^

The other thing I notice is that, whenever Jaejoong feel like he's cute and wanna show it to the camera, he always pout his lips! I can't agree more! He is so cute whenever he does that! (but Junsu is cuter~ haha). Let me show you!

See, he's pouting!! Cute right? ^^

Pouting again~ But, sexy lips~ ^^                 

I like this picture! See, he's wearing make-up~ But, not to say that he's gay~ He's handsome!

Jaejoong has a husky voice, and his voice never fails to amazed me whenever I listen to their song! In live performance, his voice is the most stable one, and Jaejoong seldom to make any mistakes during singing and he always sing perfectly no matter how tired he were after the singing and dancing performance. That's why he is the lead vocal for the group. Jaejoong once say in the interview that during he was a little kid, he use to sing terribly and this makes him practice singing everyday without fails. That's why today he can sings well (I can say that he have the talent too).

Jaejoong also have a very muscular body in contrast to his feminine face. He has very nice body! I don't want to make myself sound as a pervert here, but I just can't deny how muscular and nice his body were. But, Jaejoong is just too thin! I wonder why he can't get himself to but a little bit of fat so that he can look more healthy. Jaejoong also have 6 tattoos overall craved at his body. One is, "TVfXQ soul" the first one he tattooed at his body. Then, when the lawsuit happens, he and Yoochun both get "Always keep the faith" at their right chest to show to their fans that they still kept their faith for uniting with the other two members and become complete unit as a 5 group member once again ( And I also keeping my faith for this!). Let me show you his muscular body and his tattoos. Just don't keep yourself drools~ XD

Muscular, right? ^^

Always keep the faith tattoo~

TVfXQ soul tattoo~

 Yoochun and Jaejoong have the same tattoo~

 I believe you guys know about Twilight series right? Compared to Robert Pattinson being Edward Cullen, actually when I was reading the books, I always imagine Jaejoong as Edward Cullen. His fair skin matches with the description of Edward's pale skins and Jaejoong is also muscular and handsome (despite the fact of he is very thin!). There's pictures of Jaejoong as vampire, and I got one just for your imagination. He's suitable to be one, really!

Presenting, the NEW Edward Cullen!!!

Tadaaa~ I know Robert Pattinson is the favourable Edward Cullen, but I just can't accept that Robert as Edward. I love to see Jaejoong as Edward Cullen! Sorry to die-hard-fan-of-Robert-Pattinson-as-Edward if this statement make you feel offended, but it is just my view for the character of Edward Cullen since I read the book too.

One more info before I ended this post is that, Jaejoong also very popular among the fans around the world. Notices the word "world", because his fanbase is not only in Asia. Recently (Okay, not recently, it's about one month ago I think), Jaejoong is the winner for the best celebrity in twitter for Shorty Awards against Justin Bieber! Oh yeah, he rocks the award! Not that I hate Justin Bieber, but Jaejoong seem to be more appropriate person for the award! Shorty award is like Grammy award for twitter, so I'm glad he win this award.

I know this post is longer that my Junsu post, but I just can helped it. Instead, I guess I'll make part 2 to Junsu post~ Let me think about it. After this, I'll be making a post about my view towards Yoochun and the other two member. Until then, stay tune with my blog. Thanks for reading, ciao~ ^^

Tired of typing so many, and now time so say goodbye~
Jaejoong and Jiji~ ^^


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