Thursday, June 7, 2012

Final exams~!

Hi guys,

I know it's a long time I keeping up this blog with updates and all, well since my laptop *sigh* has been stolen, there is no possibilities that I would be that diligent in keeping up my blog. But, there this friend, not my friend actually, my sister friend ( and honestly I didn't even know her) lend her netbook. You know the 1malaysia netbook, but thankfully with that netbook, I can survive in doing my assignments and all~ It saves me! I have to thank the kind friend for willingness in lending her netbook even though she doesn't even knows me!

Back to the final exam, I guess the exam schedule for this sem is not that packed compared to last sem, so I have more time to study plus there's two more assignments need to be done. Next week, I have two presentations to do and how "awesome" is that? =.=" Well, I do have some good news to share~ I finally got my place for industrial training, right at my hometown~ Now, I don't have to worry about being dumped to some place that far from home anymore~ But the main problem is, the place is like 40 km away and I have to go back and forth for 5 times a week, and the journey to that place is like half an hour. Plus, I'm going there by motorcycle, and no license. Nice isn't it? *sigh* Well, I guess it is better that any other option available. Well I guess I only have to ------>

Good luck to everyone who is having final exam too~ ^^

warmest greetings..^^