Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Matriculation days part 2

See, I told you I'll be writing part 2. It has been almost 3 year now since the first day I enter Labuan Matriculation College. There, I meet a lot of good friends and people. But, not all the memories were good too. Well, that is common in human life. It doesn't mean that only good thing happen to your life right? Well, I recall that I been staying in Blok B, in 2.14 room. As I been saying, I met 3 other people as my roommates, and the first person that I met in my room is Andrea. She is from Kota Belud, Sabah and her bed is just in front of mine. When I met her, I was kinda nervous and still blur at that time because I was new to this hostel life, therefore or the first day after I register into KML, (it's still Saturday, so I got one more day to be with my dad) I decide that I'll stay in the hotel with my dad and Lina and her dad.

Oh ya, Halina is my former classmates, and there is 5 of us from our school went to KML, that is Naziah, Rita, Sharmint, Halina and also me. 4 of us in physical stream and Sharmint is in the biology stream. There's also one person from our hometown that we know but from a different school, Yusnita which also went to KML. Back to my room story, when Sunday comes, finally I stay at my own room. There, I meet another 2 of my roommates. One of them is Maizatul Farain and the another one is the name who I can't mention (reasons? Well, let's just say I'm not in a good term with her.) Mai is from Kuching Sarawak, and there I found someone whom I can talk BMS (bahasa melayu sarawak) with. We started pretty well you see. I thought that I was blessed when I have such fun and great roommates. Every night I can say that we always laughing together and chit chat with each other. Then, we decided that we should go out together to buy things for our room like stuff to clean our room and etc. We go outing together, and have lots of fun too. Coincidentally, that was our first and last outing with Ann. The next day, she got offer from Maktab Perguruan in Tawau. Well, she accept the offer of course, and there we say goodbyes to her~ She left, and leaving us 3 behind.

It's common to speak in our native language if we met someone who can talk our native language too. Therefore, I don't see anything wrong with that. As I and Mai are from Sarawak, we like to talk in our native language. But this person-whose-name I-can't-mention feel we are talking about her which is NOT TRUE got very upset and she told us not to be racist. EXCUSE ME? Which part of speaking our own native language sound racist to you? I don't understand why her reaction is so absurd. And after that, the harmony in that room is not like before. I mean, I and Mai is still in good term, but person-whose-name I-can't-mention is in her own world. We are still talking to each other, only if there is important matter, but apart from that, I don't see any of the communication between us. Well, person-whose-name I-can't-mention is in UMS you see, but I seldom see her too. Maybe, we are not meant to be friends? I dunno either.

Back to the story, from Mai, I met another person, Haniey a.k.a Meen. hohoho..Meen is Mai best friend in her former school, and she stay one floor above our room. Coincidentally, Meen is in the same lecture group (Kuliah) that is F1. So, I can say that we met almost everyday. And if there is nothing to do in my room, I can say that you can find me in her room. There, I also met Siti Ain, Meen's roomate. We, of course have great time together since all of us is from Sarawak. For me, Meen is a great friend because she knows how to be honest and always share things that a friend could. Well, I don't say that the others are not (in different way, they do too). Apart from that, there's also friends that I know from the same tutorial as I am. From my tutorial, I met a person, who is very careful in spending her money, loves K-pop in the way that I do (especially DBSK), very friendly toward others, and goes everywhere with me (if she doesn't have anything to do) and that person is Amanda a.k.a Xiao Laoshu (small mouse). Basically, she's one of my best friends.

I remembered that every Sunday, she always ask me to go to church with her. And then we go outing together and walk together and there I see her saving her money even more. She will not waste her money for something that we call as entertainment, and only uses it for something important. Well, she does have fun once in a while too. Back in KML, we used to go to jog together, to watch her "special friend" and also we go to gathering together too. We have great memories together and sometimes I do want to meet her again. Apart from Amanda, there's also others like Fay, Ong, Haizum, Gjang, Tierah and etc. They are also one of my precious friends. Wish that we can do a small gathering together. Well, Fay and I are not that close back in KML, but that changed when we where in UMS. She was my neighbour when I was in my first year, and we often spend time together in her room chatting and also sometimes outing together. Until today, we still in contact and met with each other as we are also in the same class for Mandarin. Apart from Fay, there also someone who from my tutorial that also still hanging out with me especially when it comes to watching movies in the cinema! Who's she? ahaha! Siti Nurfarahin is the name! She's very sporting and if I got something bother my mind, she knows it and I can just tell her what I feel. This friend is very supportive in every decision that I make. Well, I guess I have to ask her to go out for a movie then~ There's many interesting movies out in the cinema right now~ ^^

Last but not least, I already mention about my friends from my hometown. Well, we always spend time together like outing and stuff, and Lina teaches me stuff that I don't really understand. Even though I got new friends, I also managed to introduce my new friends to them. We always visit each other, and also "lepak" there. I remember that I always go to Sharmint's room cause she always have things to say or simply have a girls night together. I miss those moments very much. But, actually, 3 of them continued their studies somewhere else. Naziah , at the very beginning continue her studies in Maktab Perguruan Kuching. At the beginning of second semester, Lina go to SPA to becomes a nurse, while Sharmint go to TPM (now she is in Swinburne). Well, I do have a great time in matric and I do miss it a lot.

There are many people that I didn't mention here, but remember, that doesn't mean I forget them. I really do want to mention them, but I guess you can see it for yourself how long my post can be right?

"Friends are like star, you don't see them, but they are always there for you"

I wish that I could be a friend that are like star to them~ Can't be seen , but always be there for them. ^^ And below, it's just a poem for all of my amazing friends that I met in my life~

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Xiah Junsu a.k.a Kim Junsu

 Since I always includes Junsu in my post, you guys be wondering who is he right? Well, this post will includes all about the information based on Junsu. Kim Junsu was born on 15th December 1986, but registered on 1 January 1987. He has fraternal twin, Kim Junho which is his elder brother. Now, Kim Junsu pick his stage name as "Xiah" because he want to represents asia (asia is pronounced as "ah-shee-ah" in korean language). He was one of the member of TVXQ, and as we know for now, TVXQ is on hiatus, therefore now he is under sub-unit of TVXQ called JYJ. JYJ consists of Yoo Chun, Jun Su and Jae Joong. Well, I know I can't simply say that TVXQ is on hiatus as there's TVXQ as duo right now (Yunho and Changmin) but I can't say that they are from JYJ cause the three of them is still part of TVXQ.

JYJ - Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun
Junsu and Junho when they are little (Junsu is the smaller one ^^)

Now, why do I adore Junsu so much? Junsu is a very talented singer. His voice is so amazing, and once, when he was still 11, when he was auditioned for 6th Annual Starlight Casting System, his voice was praised by the judges and they say that he has the potential as the lead vocalist. But, during his puberty changes, Junsu suffers a lot of pains, and his voice is affected making he cannot sings. Even the doctor told him not to sing because of the fact that it might affected his vocal cord. But, as you see, Junsu now can sings, and his voice is so powerful that if you happens to listen to it live, you'll be amazed by his voice.

 When he sings, he sings it with his heart and passion~

 Junsu is very charismatic on stage, but somehow he is so adorable. I could say that he has this side of him, whenever you see him smile, you just melts. I like that side of him. In the group, he is one of the dorkiest member and also the mood maker. He is very confident on stage, and  he can dance well too. in my opinion, Junsu's heart is very pure. He often greets and bow to his senior even though he is very famous. He also always involves himself in charity. As I know, there is a village named after him in Cambodia for appreciation for what he had done for the people there. Junsu is a perfectionist, he always make sure that everything he do is perfect and satisfying.

Somehow, Junsu also very random. He alays say things without thinking about it first. For example, he can say things like "OMG sun" which stands for I can't see the ball because of the sun. It's hilarious when you see how he comes out with the idea for the first place. Junsu also loves to tell other people his "oyaji gags" which stands for uncle jokes (I'm not very sure either) and people always say that his jokes is very lame.(but it always make me laugh ^^). Junsu also loves to learn languages, and as far as I know, he say that he can speak Kenyan language. His Kenyan language was very awkward and every time he says it, everybody will surely laugh. Like"Bambaya" or something like that.

Cute, right???

I love his smile~ It always brighten my day~ ^^

And now, his brother Junho is also a singer under the stage name Zuno. His brother make a debut with chinese song in China. Junsu claims that he and his brother never fight since they were little. I guess their bond between each other is very strong. His mother also clarifies the fact.

Junho is very tall. His height is 187 cm while Junsu is only 178 cm.

Do you see any similarities btween Junsu and Junho?

Now you guys know why I adore Junsu that much? Actually I am going to write more, but it is too long already. If I have the time, I'll surely post something to add in more about the reason why he is always my favourite star and also man~ But for now, I'll guess I'll continue my studies~ ^^ ciao~

 Have a great day~~

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have a dream..^_____^

 Yo wassup! Dreaming while sleeping is common beween humans right? Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not yet understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.(Quoted from Wikipedia).

I believe everyone has the experience of dreaming, but have you ever thought that your unintentional dreams may bring you some hidden messages that you may not even notice in your awakened life? Have you ever thought of rummaging through all your past and recent dreams to explore their underlying meanings?A dream has the power to unify the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into your own self and a means for self-exploration  There are several site on the internet that can give you answers toward the dream that you have, typically your dream is based on your life.

Therefore, I do have a dream last night, which whenever I think about it back, I just smile. It is just a lovely dream. I do wish it could happen in my life. But, a dream is just a dream. Oh ya, you know, I often have this situation which we called it as deja vu. Deja vu is basically a feeling of having previously seen or experienced something to having dreamt about a similar situation or place, and forgetting about it until one seems to be mysteriously reminded of the situation or the place while awake. Yup, I often have that feeling. Is it creepy? Well, I don't think so anyway. Well, gotta go for now. Ciao~

I hope you guys have a nice dream while you are sleeping~ ^^

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fight oh...OH!!

Final exam is just around the corner, and I'm pretty sure that university student are getting their head crammed by various types of notes right now~ That will includes ME. It's been two years now since I enter university. And, I ALWAYS regret it when final exam end. Why? It's easy~ I've been too lazy to open up my notes and sit for some revision. When I see my result later on, I know that I could done a lot better. *sigh*

I know it doesn't make any changes in my life if I keep on repeating the same behaviour every sem. When a new semester starts, I always told myself to be more hardworking, but somehow the spirit just fades away and away to far away land~~~~ Well, I guess I have to keep my head straight this time and do my revision properly cause I really want to see improvement this semester. Only I can do changes in my results. Thats why, I'll keep trying my best this study week!!

To all of you who also have final exam, I wish you guys best of luck! Let's us try our best together!! Fight oh....OH!!! ^^

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The perfect guy for ME?

 Out of nowhere, I just feels like writing about this topic. You see, people were often mistaken by my relationship status. Well, I don't like to answer that question at all, like seriously. Why even bother? Well, I leave that question unanswered. If I wanna make it public, I'll announce it. If not, don't even bother. (okay, I didn't mean to make it sound like I'm that popular, actually I'm just an average girl but people keep asking. so..don't take me wrong.) But hey, that's not the topic for today. The perfect guy is what I'm going to write for today...!

Okay, as I am writing, I still thinking what should I write. Okay, as for me, it's simple. People call it as the standard evaluation for a guy : dark, tall and handsome. Or should I say a guys wtih 5C's that stands for Career, Car, Condominium, Credit Card and Cute. (I just add cute cause I actually forgot what the other one). Boohoo..Sorry. It's actually not even close. Okay, maybe just a little. Now, are you interested in reading the truth? Cause what I've been writing for now is just not answering the topic properly.

First of all, I would like this particular guy (someday) is sensitive enough to notice my feelings at a particular time. Sometimes, I can see just how ignorant some guy (not related to my life actually) to ask their girlfriend whats wrong when obviously it is shown in their face. When I'm sad or mad or annoyed, I hope that particular someone will be able to feel and notices it when other people don't. It is great when someone you love actually know who you are and able to see you through.

Second of all, well I don't mind outer appearance though, but I just want this particular person to be taller than me (even though just a little, it's still okay) and please, please please please, be a cute man~ Okay, it's not like I'm demanding much right? Maybe, a little. But, tell you the truth, I don't like handsome man that much, I'm attracted to cuter one actually. You see, for me cute guy looks adorable and you just feels like hugging him like a teddy bear (just an expression on how cute guy can make you feel just by looking at him). Chubby cheeks, is the cutest. hahah! You feels like pinching his cheeks all day long (I'll make them suffer!! *evil laugh*).

 Okay, I know Junsu doesn't have a very chubby cheeks, but he's so cute!!

Third, hurmm..Kindness and warmth is one of the major qualities that I want this particular guy have. Literally, not like he's hot or having a high body temperature, you guys get it what I want to say right? Like, he is able to touch people's heart or something like he is so kind that people will naturally attracted and likes him. Something like that? okay, I don't know how exactly I'll describe it. But somehow, if I see this people somewhere, I'll be able to tell.

It's still a long long journey ahead of my life, and I don't mind taking a slower path in this kind of thingy, but somehow I'll managed it someday. Well, in a positive way, I'm still in love with my life right now. Great things will somehow find it's way to me if it is meant to be, right? Long post, and I'm tired, just let me stop for now~ (I know, it's not even that interesting. But well, if you read, I'll be forever grateful for taking your precious time in reading~) Kamsamida~ ^^

I'll take my time~~ ciao~

Just once....

Please, just let me whine here. I got so much thing inside of my head right now, and I wish I could erased all of them! I'm sick of the one who expecting too much of me. I'm not that perfect. I repeat, I'm not that PERFECT! You can't just rely on me that much without doing anything yourself. I got other things too in my life.

Make me wanna SCREAM!!!!!!

Yes, I do thing my own way, and you can't blame me for that. That's just who I am. Maybe I should tolerate a bit, but how about you? You can expect me to give it all while all you do is wait and wait without action. I said ealier right, it is better to settle the things that we need to do earlier since we have many time before the day comes, but you just ignores all my advice. Now, last minutes job doesn't entertain me much, and I am sorry that I barely involve in it. It true, I didn't do any of the last minute job, but hey, it's ME who give you the idea on how to do it. i know writing this will make me look bad, like very bad, but I need to let it out. I'm not a freeloader that doesn't do anything. I want to do it earlier, but you ignore me. Is it sounds like an excuse? I don't care. Now, last but not least. I am sorry if I offended "you" in any way, but if you did think about how your action offended me too, we are equal. I'm not happy, not at all. But thanks to you, I learn my lesson and it will not happen again in the future. Finger crossed!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke second season~! ^^

Yeah yeah!! Since my post about Kimi ni Todoke is the most popular one in my blog, I'm going to give my second review about this. but before that, did you guys even realize that Kimi ni Todoke is a manga series before it is adopted into anime? Did you know? I gotta say, the manga is pretty good as well. Frankly speaking, I haven't read all the chapter of the manga yet, but I do read some of it. Trust me, it is exactly the same as the anime. Well, there's cute drawing of the character you didn't see in the anime, so if you like it and have the time, please do read the manga too..^^

Okay, back to the topic that I suspose to write tonight, the second season ended with 12 episodes(why so short?? T.T) And I can't say the ending do I? You gotta watch it for yourself..hehehe..But, yeah, the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya went through ups and down. There's new rival for Kazehaya and he's seriously getting jealous whenever he sees Sawako with his rival, Kento Miura which has more advantages as he actually sat next to Sawako in class. But actually, Kento Miura is just testing Kazehaya, and making Kazehaya jealous so that Kazehaya can express his feeling more towards Sadako. There's a lot problem in Kazehaya and Sawako in the first few episodes, and it actually make them a stronger individuals. I like this anime.

Overall, it is a very beautiful story. Okay, now I really want to help you guys into watching this anime. I'll give you guys the website where I download the anime, and if you guys wanna watch it, why don't you try to download it by yourself. ^^
Here's the link:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Secret Garden! One of my fav drama so far..and Hyun Bin looks hot in here!! ^^

Have you ever watch this drama?? If not, you should consider watching the hottest drama for 2010. Okay, that was last year, right? I know it is not a new drama, but, seriously you got to watch this drama! I like the plot of this story. It's interesting. And, the main actor, Hyun Bin is so handsome here. I never thought that he could be adorable when acting as Kim Ju Won here. Like seriously, you'll fall in love with him when you see this drama even though he is a bit cocky and all, but there's something about him that make you wouldn't hate him.

Can I tell you the synopsis then? Hehe..If you find it is interesting, you should try to watch the drama yourself. Hyun Bin as Kim Ju won is a store department owner and not to mention how rich he is when he inherits the fortune his family have. He has been rich all of his life, and couldn't understand how normal people lives. He loves luxury. Kim Ju Won is claustrophobic, he cannot stay long in a closed space, especially elevator. His fear is not like the usual one, it could get him killed.

He meet with Gil Ra Im, a stunt woman who works with danger every time she goes for a shooting. Kim Ju Won find her interesting, or should I say, he find her to be "cool". From there, he started to fall in love with Gil Ra Im, but he clueless about his feeling. Gil Ra Im seems to be appearing in his thoughts every minutes, and he blame her for that. Nevertheless, their fate brought them together to Jeju Island, where they get lost and find a place called Secret Garden. There, the owner of the place gives them wine made from flowers.

The next day, they find themselves switch bodies! Wow, seems like freaky friday isn't it? I shouldn't tell you more, cause if you watch it, you'll know everything about the drama, and it's no fun. Here, I'll post some of Hyun Bin's pictures while he act as Kim Ju Won in the drama.

Store department owner Kim Ju Won!

His handmade trainsuit!

Seriously, I love him in the blue shirt!! He look gorgeous! ^^

Secret Garden!! ^^ be sure to watch it if you have time!

A very long time ago..when DBSK was still as 5.


I still can't hide the fact that I still ADORE and LOVES DBSK so much..Throughout my teenage life, I've been listening to their song, which keep inspiring me to move forward day by day..The harmonious voice that they sangs when they are together, it can't be replaced by other group. Justify FullThey are who they are, and I like them for that. I'm not an obsessed fans, just a fans that support them and wishes them for the best. Somehow, I would like to send gratitude to them for what they have done and also my supportive message to them. But still, I have no luck in that. Now, DBSK have been divided into 2 sub-group, JYJ and Homin(TVXQ). This is a devastating news for me at first, it makes me sad to see those guys who always have fun together, to be completely apart and not to mention any contact from both side are no longer exists. Why is this happening? I can't blame JaeChunSu for leaving SM ent because of the fact that they deserve to voice up their right as a human. And I can't blame Homin because they stayed in SM ent for the fact that they want to preserve and protect the name TVXQ. I can't blame either one of them. I can only blame SM ENT!! Yes, I do blame them for this. Be it, you wanna say I'm not respecting them for producing such group? No. Hell NO! DBSK wouldn't separated at first if SM ent are not too greedy and treat them appropriately. This would not happen!! But then, there are people who say "JYJ leaves and this is all their fault!" - WTH?? You haters basically are not supportive towards what they are trying to do. I mean, you rather support a company that's been keeping the boys exhausted, get holiday only one week for entire year and doesn't really pay for their amazing work?? THEY are human too! I'm sick of this stupid drama. Anyway, I would like to post this article (I don't know where I get this, it's an old article, but still describe how strong their bond of friendship with each other) I miss them, as 5..

Being in a group for so long, DBSG’s members no longer hide their personalities from each other. They say that being together for so long; they have only grown to be more harmonious.


JS: Yunho is the leader and his personality and character are just like a leader’s. He is very manly and views the brotherhood amongst us as very important.

CM: He also has a strong sense of responsibility.

JJ: He will find opportunities to communicate with each and every one of us, even when he is dead tired he will still talk non stop! Ha! Sometimes, he is simply too long winded!

YC: Yunho is very serious and focused and has great self discipline. He always places DBSG as his greatest priority.

YH: Sometimes because of DBSG, I don’t have a choice but to be strict. But this doesn’t mean that I am angry or pissed. I calmly tell all the members and later I will apologise to them. Yeah. The stress of being a leader is great and it’s great that the members understand the position that I am in.


YH: Junsu is the source of joy in our group. When everyone is in low spirits, Junsu’s jokes have the effect of lifting our spirits even though we know he is purposely being funny!

JJ: He is very positive and strives for the best and innocent, just like a little child. Sometimes he looks a bit slow and silly but on stage, he is very handsome. I’m envious of him and I really like the way he is on stage.

YC: Junsu is able to concentrate very well. Even if it is something he is not good at or talented in, he will keep trying and take on the challenge with a positive attitude.

CM: There a lot of sides to him! I feel that he has a lot of charm.

JS: Because the high school I went to had all types/kind of characters, and things were pleasant between us so I am the kind that is able to be friends with all types of people.


YH: Just like what you all already know, Jae Joong is very kind at heart, loves everyone a lot and is a very gentle and handsome man. But sometimes, he worries too much.

YC: He trusts people a lot and is very gentle!

JS: He is also very proper so he never has any funny thoughts. But because he is so proper, he talks in a very straightforward (blunt) manner so people who don’t know him well might be a bit offended. But he really means no harm!

CM: He is also a good listener! He pays close attention to what you are saying and he won’t insist on his own views (if there is a good reason) This is very important!

JJ: Aigoo I’m embarrassed. I feel that if I tell lies, I won’t be true to myself. Yeah. I may be blunt at time so people who don’t understand me might dislike me I guess.


YH: Micky is very MAN. He used to be very willful but he has matured a lot and became more cool.

JS: He always faces challenges with confidence. He is never all talk, no action. I really think that he is very capable.

JJ: He has hella lot of luck!! He is also very talented. Whatever he does, he always does it with me!

YC: I’m not the kind of person that would even consider failure. I like to do things with everyone because I like them but maybe this also shows that I don’t have too many friends!!


JJ: Changmin is just like a puzzle, a mystery. When he wakes up in the morning, in the day, or when he’s sleeping at night, he’s never the same!!! Changmin when he has just awoken is very scary, but when he’s sleeping, it’s even scarier!!!!! He will sleep talk and it’s all very violent but he never remembers them at all!!!

JS: He is very stubborn. As long as he thinks that something is good, he won’t care about what other people say.

YC: Changmin is really a very stubborn person. He won’t give up his views.

YH: Once he decides on something, it will never change.

CM: Haha I’m glad everyone understand me so well. I admit that I am really stubborn about the things I believe in.

(credits to all..)

warmest greetings..^^