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THSK - Doushite Kimiwa Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou

Changed my blog song again, and personally this is my favourite song. The lyrics itself is amazing. It conveys one's feeling when he sees the girl that has been there throughout his life, the girl that he love, walking down the aisle with the man (the girl's husband) that suspose to be him. How sad is that? Read through the lyrics and you'll be able to sense the feeling that DBSK trying to convey in this song. I really love this song, and I hope you guys like it too..^^
Doushite Kimiwa Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou?
Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni

Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi

Doushite kimi ni nani mo tsutaerarenakattan darou?
Mainichi maiban tsunotteku omoi
Afuredasu kotoba, wakatteta no ni [Yunho](mou todokanai)

Hajimete deatta, sono hi kara
Kimi wo shitteita ki ga shitan da
Amari ni shizen ni tokende shimatta futari

Doko e iku no ni mo issho de
Kimi ga iru koto ga touzen de
Bokura wa futari otona ni natte kita

Demo kimi ga eranda no wa chigau michi

Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Koko ni iru to, omotteta no ni [Yoochun](mou kanawanai)

Tokubetsu na imi wo motsu kyou wo
Shiawase kao de tatsu kyou wo
Kirei na sugata de kami sama ni chikatteru, kimi wo

Boku ja nai hito no tonari de
Shukufuku sareteru sugata wo
Boku wa dou yatte miokureba ii no darou?

Mou doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
Ano koro mo, bokura no koto,[Yoochun] mou moderenai [Jaejoong] (kangaeta)[Yoochun] modorenai [Jaejoong](kangaeta)

Doushite kimi no te wo tsukami ubaenakattan darou?
Donna ni toki ga nagaretemo kimi wa zutto
Boku no yoko ni, iru hazu datta [yunho](sono mama nii)

Sore demo kimi ga boku no soba nara to itte mo
Eien ni kimi ga shiawase de iru koto
Tada negatteru

Tatoe sore ga donna ni sabishikutemo

Why Did I Fall In Love With You?

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here
But you chose a different road

Why wasn't I able to convey to you?
My feelings that were growing everyday and night
The words begin to overflow
But I know they won't reach you now

From the first day that I met you
I felt like I knew you
And the two of us melted together so naturally

Wherever we would go, it would be together
It was so natural for you to be with me
We became adults together
But you chose a different road

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here (but not anymore)

For the day that holds a special meaning
For the day where we can stand with happy faces
For you looking beautiful while praying to god

Next to the person who is not me
There is the figure of someone truly blessed
So how am I supposed to see you off?

So why have I fallen for you?
We can't go back to that time, or how we were (I've thought it through)

Why wasn't I able to take your hand?
No matter how much time passes
You were supposed to be at my side (just like that)

But, even though I say that I need you close to me
I just pray that you will be happy forever
No matter how lonely that makes me (or how sad)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miss Ripley Character synopsis..!!

Miss Ripley is a new Korean drama that airs in South Korea right now. Surprisingly, the drama rank first in viewer ratings in the very first episode with 13.2% ratings. That's pretty high!! Miss Ripley is a very interesting drama and it involves JYJ's Yoochun and also Lee Da Hae (She act as Joo Yoo Rin in My Girl) as lead role. Now, at first Miss Ripley do catch my attention due to the fact that Yoochun act as the main role, but when I read the viewer's opinion and also the synopsis of the drama, I really want to watch this drama! Sadly, I still can't find where to watch the drama now cause it is still new. Last but not least, this the character's synopsis for the drama..!! ^^

Yutaka (Actor : Park Yoochun)
Heir to Mondo Resorts, Korean Name : Song Yoo Hyun
“Cautious, only seeking the truth… This generation’s Prince Charming”
Buried in his heart is his longing for his birth mother.
At the same time, he often feels apologetic to his step-mother, who is unable to have children of her own, and because of this, hopes that she can be involved in the running of the company as well. He has a strong relationship with his step-mother, and returns to the country for the resort. He meets Miri at the study hostel where he is temporarily residing in, and realises that Miri also shares a similar loneliness.

Jang Miri (Actress : Lee Da Hae)
Japanese Name : Mirai
“The one who bears a lonely soul, howling in a world of darkness.”
Straightforward, confident, fears nothing, and very realistic….
She was abandoned by her parents as a child, and doesn’t trust society and people. Therefore, she is emotionally violent, vain, selfish and very greedy. After being adopted in Japan, she was sold to a club to pay off her stepfather’s debts, and led a life of dread. She then escapes back to Korea, and begins working in a hotel, beginning her new life.

Moon Hui Joo (Actress : Kang Hye Jung)
Miri’s Younger Sister from the Orphanage
“Obedient, innocent, weak, pure, yet smart and quick witted.”
Losing her parents to a traffic accident, she became an orphan at a young age.
Her body is weak, and she is very introverted, always quiet at the orphanage. She liked Miri from the first time they met, because Miri was her exact opposite, with strong opinions. She likes following Miri around, and when Miri was adopted to Japan, she whole-heartedly wished that Miri would find happiness, a warm-hearted child.

Jang Myeong Hoon (Actor : Kim Seung Woo)
Hotel’s Managing Director
“Always aiming for No. 1, and often becoming No. 1, the perfect man.”
A man of few words, cautious, accurate, calm, with a strong sense of responsibility. Once he decides on something, he will never look back….
In short, he is a man who has never messed up, a trustworthy elite, but not someone you can lean on. He meets Miri, who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Initially, he plans to fire Miri but soon discovers her good points, and helps her to succeed. In the end, he is unable to control himself and falls in love with her.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + iMBC]
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Now, I suggest you guys go and watch this drama because it is based on true stories in South Korea. The drama depicts a woman where she lies to achieve her goal. I'm sure this drama is worthy of your attention. Anyway, I give full credits to those who post this article. ciao~

Five Syllable Talk With Park Yoochun

This is the ‘five syllable talk’ interview with Park Yoochun that was included in the Micky Party Birthday Book. Note that translated, the questions and answers obviously don’t add up to five syllables. ^^ But Yoochun did answer the question with five syllable in Korean of course~ Let's read~ ^^

You can see his answer in korean in here~ Five syllable answers from Yoochun..
Are you happy these days? – I’m so happy.
Are rehearsals going well? - Yeah, they’re going well.
When will we meet again? – We’ll meet when the time comes.
Are you really lonely? – No, not at all.
Are you eating well? – Because of my Colitis.

You’re healthy, right? – Because of my Colitis.
Do you like skinny jeans? – Yes, because they have a nice fit.
Do you watch your figure? – Do you?
Your definition of happiness? – Continuous consideration for others.
How does it feel to be 26? – There’s nothing much to it.
How do you feel right now? – So so.
What do you do at night? – I film.
What do you think about before you sleep? – I should quit drinking.
How much do you drink usually? – One or two drinks and I’m done.
What do you prefer to eat with your drink? – Steamed Beolgyo cockles.
What snacks do you like? - I don’t like eating snacks.
What role do you want to play? – The Express Bus Terminal. (T/N: 역 means both ‘role’ and ‘station’. There he goes with his lame jokes again~)
What did you think of being in a historical drama? - It was hot and cold.
Have you thought about appearing in a movie? – The risks are big.
What kind of cf do you want to try? – A cf for underwear.
What do you feel when you get on stage? – I feel that I’m alive.
Where do you want to visit? – Around the Gaema Heights.
What’s your tonic? – Heotgae Condition (T/N: It’s a healthy energy drink).
What color underwear do you prefer? – Black&pink.
What is your charm? – My charm is that I have no charm.
Something that recently made you sad? – Because of my Colitis.
Something that recently made you happy? – My Colitis went away.
Do you tear up sometimes? - It’s not always an act (T/N: as in he doesn’t only cry for his drama)
What are you into these days? Bugatti Veyron.
What’s your catchphrase these days? – Because of my Colitis.
Your current weight? 62.5kg.
Your current ideal woman? – Always Kim Tae Hee.
When do you plan on getting married? – I don’t plan on getting married.
Plans for children? – Older daughter, younger son.
We’re pretty, right? - Your hearts are pretty.
Your future plans? – Buy a building.
Are these five syllable talks difficult? – They’re so banal now.
What do you want to say to us? – Watch my drama when it airs!

Source: [Micky Party Birthday Book + Yuaerubi]
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He always talk and blame his colitis. Anyway, I found this very interesting and just want to share this to you guys out there~ Oh, btw I do get this from other site, so I do give credits to those who I mention. ^^

warmest greetings..^^