Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lie To Me Sypnosis

Hi everybody..!! It’s been about a month since the last post in this blog. Honestly, I am lazy to update anything because of the fact that there’s nothing much that I can type. But now, I got tonnes of things that I want to type and share to you guys. According to the title, you guys can guess right what exactly I’m going to write about this time? Yup, Lie To Me. It’s a Korean drama that I think fun to watch. The plot is a bit confusing you see. But, there’s a lot of fun scene in the drama that will make you entertained.

The drama is about Gong Ah Jeong  and Hyeon Gi Jun. Gong Ah Jeong works as an officer in Korean Tourism Ministry and Hyeon Gi jun is the president for World Hotel, a prestigious hotel in Korea. So, how actually the drama built up around both of them? It’s started with a lie. Yes, a lie. Gong Ah Jeong lie to her friend that she actually married (which is not!). Now, coincidently, her other friend saw Ah Jeong with Hyeon Gi jun. The rumors spread everywhere, and then with the help (and also lies) from Gi Jun’s brother, Sang Hee, they actually have to pretend and lie to the important investor to World Hotel from China that they were married to get the investor’s attention and also approval for contract.
The drama advances more and become more complicated when Gi Jun’s ex-fiancee, Yun Ju comes back to Korea after 3 years of separation. She still believes that Gi Jun still loves her even after 3 year have passed by. But, is he? 

Well enough of synopsis because it won’t be too much entertaining if you know all about it right? For those who want to watch the drama, I can give you the link to download the drama by yourself. Luckily, the size of each episode is not 700~800 mb, which will saves a lot of your disk space in your laptop. 375 mb per episode, I think it’ll be convenient to those who doesn’t have pretty good internet speed. Well, enjoy downloading and watching..! ^^


warmest greetings..^^