Saturday, October 23, 2010


when my life turns this way round, i decided that i should ignores all things that really bothers the end...the pain slowly gone away..and i really thinks this is the only way that i can revive myself and forget all these things that keep me imagining thing that i shouldn't have..thank you for the memory, but that the end of it. you'll never see me talking to you again and yes, that a promise that i make.. you think that we can be normal again, but that is impossible..sorry, but this is who i am.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

upDate from ME~ ^^v

hohoho...finally i got the "rajin"ness to type something for this blog..pretty sad too cause i haven't write anything for a far, my life has been a disaster..i'm so busy with my life, plus there's many complication and conflicts occur....well, it's tough, but hey that's life..God never says that life is easy, He just promised that it'll be worth living..right?? i really hope that the relationship that i've been waiting for will work out someday, but from the way i see it, i guess it'll never happens..missing da moments that we used to have to, but since i've decided, there's no turning back..right now, i guess it's da first time that i'm having the busiest week of my life..i'm involved with convocation, and also got 2 assignment hav to be submitted by the end of tis week and next, i got mini robocon competition tis saturday...hurm.,..i wonder how would i handle all of tis...oh ya one more thing, I REALLY MISS YOU...i really do....

warmest greetings..^^