Saturday, May 7, 2016

20 Updates From The Blog Owner (2016)

Hello, again, its been a while since I ever posted in this blog. Below is my life updates so far. ^^

1) Its May 2016 now.
2) Promoted to my current position as Senior Engineer early of this year (woww)
3) Its my off day today, yayyyy!!
4) Still am SINGLE.
5) Just finish doing my reports this week, and its time to relax a bit.
6) Oh no, no relaxing next week since I have my ISO audit next next week.
7) Its very hot today tho. No aircond in my house =.=
8) Own 5 cats!! Hectic around the house.
9) Hardcore Starlights starting from end of last year.
10) Owning almost 20 VIXX's albums!! (Burn a big hole in my wallet)
11) Addicted to twitter.
12) Am going to Singapore end of this month for VIXX's showcase in Singapore! Yayy
13) Do not have a car license yet! hmmm...
14) Have around 10 books that I haven't read yet.
15) Currently listening to Beautiful Liar~
16) There's a lot of new colleague in my company.
17) Haven't went to South Korea yet. hmmmmmm
18) Need to set a goal this year.
19) Need to cut my hair, it is so long now.
20) I love Jung Taek Woon!!

Jung Taekwoon~~
Alright, thats it for this round~


warmest greetings..^^