Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shibatora!! I Recommend this!

Yeah, it's Shibatora!! Great drama actually. It's a japanese drama from 2008, and I like the storyline of this drama. It's about a babyfaced police named Shibata Taketora who often mistaken as a middle-school student!! He always believes in people especially teenagers who commits crime even though they are actually on the wrong side. He posses a kind heart with strong passion in making a world a better place to live in. Adults seldom listens to what teenagers want to say, and thus it leads them into unhealthy social activities. You see, it's very touching to see how Taketora believes in the juvenile criminal so much eventhough he himself has a very painful memories in the past. But the passion that he had in himself enable him to be a great detective! Minna-san, you have to watch this drama! It's teaches you to believe in other people as much as you want them to believe you! And plus, Koike Teppei is the main lead actor for this drama! He's very cute....!! And yeah, I'll posted some cute pictures of Koike Teppei as a policemen and also as a maid! Wonder why he crossdressing as a maid?? Well, you gotta watch the drama for yourself!! ^^

Devoted Shibata Taketora as a Detective!! ^^

Kawaiii!!! ^^ Koikei Teppei look cute in this outfit!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Supermoon on 19 March 2011!

As we all know it, On March 19, 2011 the Moon passed by Earth at a distance of 356,577 kilometers (221,567 miles) – the closest pass in 18 years. This is a phenomenon that I witness with my own two eyes. It is so beautiful, the Moon shine the brightest as the Earth, Moon and Sun are actually all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth. Well, it's a shame for you guys who miss this great view as this only happens once every 20 years (I guess). Well, I do watch it with my own two eyes, and I gotta say, around the Moon itself, I saw a circle of rainbow. I did captured some pictures that day, and I would like to share it with you guys~ ^^

Actually, I only captured this picture with my phone's camera. So, I'm sorry if the pictures is not beautiful enough for you.. ^^

Well, I almost missed the moments where I actually can see this phenomenon, luckily I saw some post on facebook regarding this phenomenon. So, thanks to those who keep this news posted on 19th March 2011! ^^

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Matriculations days~~~ (part 1)

It's kinda sudden, but I just wanna write something out of the blue to surprise everyone. Are you surprise?? No? ahaha..Okay, writing about my matriculation days back in 2008, I remember that I have fun too with all of my friends. I met new friends of course, the one that I really treasures the most. Of course, I didn't forget those back in school too. There are few people that I already know study in matriculation, and most of them are from my hometown. First, we always hang out together, and together, we find new friends too.. I was in F2T16 at first, so I made some friends in my tutorial. I still remember Zil, Akmal and some of them I already forgot. But, a few weeks after that, there are big re-shuffle going on, and I was placed in new tutorial, F1T5. Here, I found Amanda. She's was nice. We both like K-pop so much! She's the one who always be by my side, be it tutorials, lecture and also jogging? ahahaa. I still remember those days. I wonder if she does too. Do you remember, Manda?

See, I told you we always together when wherever we go~ ^^

Oh, how can I forget, I have awesome roomates too. Mai, Ann and....urm..ok..Ann were fun to be with, but sadly she left to go to Maktab Perguruan in Tawau. After that, there's always conflict going on in that room with, urm..Ms misunderstanding?? Great name for her, you see...ahaha. I don't want to talk trash about other people, so let's stop talking about her. Mai, in the other hand, is also one of my best friends~ Yup she did. The fact that we both comes from Sarawak, make us closer and she introduced me to her friends too. Meen, Jannah, Ain, Dib and so on~

These are the ones that I'm talking about~ hehehe

There are soo much fun being with them~ Oh ya, my tutorial too has been a great tutorial to begin with. I really like it, and we have fun together too~

Actually, I got a lot to say...But sadly, I don't have time now. So, I'll make sure there's part two to this post. Be sure to wait~ Until then, I got class to go to. hurm....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UMS, My university..

In this post, i'm gonna talk about my *beloved* university, UMS. UMS is a abbreviation of University Malaysia Sabah. Okay, I'm taking Mechanical Engineering here. It's my second year (next sem I'm gonna be a third year student!! ^^) and I gotta say, my uni is very beautiful (yea, it is!) but i hate how the system works here. I mean, the management of this uni sucks. Compared to another uni, UMS is kinda late in everything they do. Like, doing takwim for every sem, giving out exam schedule, results of every sem and not to mention the smp always crash when registration for subject is opened EVERY SEM!! That's really annoying! I hate how the management people always take for granted about their job. It's not cool, and I hate it! Because of the lateness of giving out exam schedule, I can't even book for my ticket earlier. It's inconvenient for us, student. Sometimes, deep down in my heart, I regret choosing this uni. But, I can't do anything about it. *sigh*

Monday, March 21, 2011

I recommend, Kimi ni todoke..^^

Hey guys~ Been wondering what the title want to say? Kimi ni todoke is basically an anime, which I addicted to recently. It's a very nice anime, compared to anime that exists these days, I dare say it is one of the most pure and warm hearted anime. The plot of this anime revolve around friendship and first love. It's very sweet to see how the main character, Sawako, often called as Sadako (a frightening character from the movie Ring, if you ever watch it). Everyone in school avoided and scared of Sawako because there's scary rumors about her. Like, if you sit at her table, you get bad luck and Sawako can see ghosts, which is not true.Well, at least one person doesn't avoided her, which is her first love, Kazehaya. The feeling of love which Sawako feel towards Kazehaya is still new to her, therefore, she is clueless and do not know how to face it. But, somehow, Kazehaya do feel the same for her, and I'm still waiting for what next episode will be (sorry, actually I haven't finished watching it yet..ehehe..). Overall, this is a really good anime for those who loves to watch romantic-comedy anime. Well, at least in this anime, I didn't feel annoyed with the main character~ In fact, I love her character~ Innocent, pure-hearted Sawako..^^

Sawako and Kazehaya~ I love this two people as a couple~ Adorable..^^

Sawako and her best friends~

Oh, and for your info, kimi ni todoke means Reaching for you (I just guess the meaning of the title with my very little Japanese understanding..If wrong, forgive me..^^)

I miss my friends..

Okay, from the title, you get the idea of what I'm trying to write here right? It's just that I miss my friends so much while I'm studying here. I can't deny the fact that I have many friends too here, but somehow, the memory I have with my friends in the past really makes me miss them. There's a lot of memory we shared together, be it happy or sad one. There's someone told me before that no matter how much you hated school in your past day, you can't deny how much you miss those days in school..Yup, I really do feel the same way too..Honestly, being in the school in the past really make me tired because there's a lot of homework to do, and the teachers are constantly pushing us through the exams, but somehow those tiredness are blown away by having fun with my friends~ But, as we are moving forward through our university life, we've been separated as we go separate way..but still, that doesn't change the fact that how I always think of my beautiful school days...

These are just some of my friends...there's more you know..^^

These two are my best friends~!! Miss them much! ^^

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Post!!! yay~ 20 updates from my LIFE..

It's been a long time since i ever updated my blog..Well, it's not that I don't have the time, but I'm just too lazy to update it~ Well, here's some 20 update from me! ^^

1) It's March 2011 now (obviously! hah!)
2) I'm in my second year now....
3) Final exam is approaching..hurmmm (not even in the mood for studying..ZZZZzz)
4) I'm SINGLE! (yes, I am.)
5) Not joining ROBOCON..(sad...i really want to join, but I just can't..REASONS~ )
6) Am I happy? let's hear that from my own heart..(my heart says "......??")
7) I am still addicted to DBSK which has been divided into Homin and JYJ~ (sad..wish they could be 5 again)
8) I miss my friends..I really do...
9) Currently, I'm a part of Dancity program as Protocol unit.
10) I have witnessed the Moon on 19th March, which shine so bright and have ring of rainbow around it..So beautiful.......
11) I miss my family back home...T.T
12) I will try to awake my desire to study..(which i will do later on~)
13) It's about to rain now..
14) I haven't wash my clothes yet~ hurm...
15) I'm bored too..
16) my PHONE hardly RINGS~
17) I still don't know how to DRIVE a car~ I can ride a motorcycle, but as an illegal rider coz I don't have a lisence~ :P
18) I love Xiah Junsu!! yes, i do!! My idol, my star, my....everything you wanna put in~
19) I still wonder why I choose Mechanical Engineering~
20) I'm still interested in Sound Engineering.....

and, this is what I can think of when i'm typing..sorry if it doesn't entertain you in any way but really, this is what happening in my life so far~ I'll be active in my blog for now, so watch out for more update! ^^

warmest greetings..^^