Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I got a job..!! ^^

Hey guys~ Just want to mention here that finally I got myself a job for this holiday~ Plus, my job doesn't require any hard work that make you exhausted or anything, I just have to sit, type and count the money~ Easy right? I'm glad that I got this job and the pay is quite okay too. Tomorrow I'll start working and maybe I don't post often, but don't forget to visit my blog~ Your visit surely make me have the desire to write more~ ^^ Until then, I'll be writing my post about Choikang Changmin and will be publish later~ Stay tune to my blog~ Ciao..!

I'm really glad~!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

JYJ - Be My Girl

Once again, I've change my blog's song to JYJ - Be My Girl. Yeah, this song is very catchy, plus it is in english! Now, everyone can sing along to this song right? Therefore, I'll write the lyrics of the song here, and don't forget to sing along~ ^^
Let's sing along~ ^^

Be My Girl

Don’t wanna hurt nobody
This is a song for you
Skippin all the afterparties
Girl, I’m goin home with you
Don’t even think about it
You gon feel what we gon do
Cause we’ll be falling in love all night long Said I know she wanna be mine tonight
She should know that I can please mine for life
And we gonna have a good time, yeah
When I tell you girl it’s alright
You gon be my girl

One look from you girl and it’s too hard to get by
But excuse me girl, I been watchin you
All night’ that’s right, I’d like to
Take this night over
What I’m tryin to say is you should be mine
She should be my
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
Baby, baby
She should be my girl

Wanna make you my somebody
Wanna see this world with you
So hard to find love like this
Chances are far and few
No other one can have you
I want you to myself
My heart is open for you all life long Said I know she wanna be mine tonight
She should know that I can please mine for life
And we gonna have a good time, yeah
When I tell you girl it’s alright
You gon be my girl
One look from you girl and it’s too hard to get by
But excuse me girl, I been watchin you
All night’ that’s right, I’d like to
Take hotnewsonglyrics.com this night over
What I’m tryin to say is you should be mine
Gonna get you girl
Get you girl
Get you girl
Get you
Then I’m gonna love you girl
Love you girl
You should be mine
Gonna get you girl
Get you girl
Get you girl
Get you
Then I’m gonna love you girl
Love you girl
You gon be my girl

One look from you girl and it’s too hard to get by
But excuse me girl, I been watchin you
All night’ that’s right, I’d like to
Take this night over
What I’m tryin to say is you should be mine

Friday, May 20, 2011

I've made a monthly poll section...!!

To make my blog more fun, I've decided to make monthly poll for my viewer!! Yaayyy!! All you guys have to do is just click and click what your choice is based on the poll that I made on top of my sidebar menu. And I gave one month period of voting. I made my first poll by asking who is the sexiest Korean idols. Now, interesting isn't it? If you want to see your favorite idol wins, start voting NOW!! ^^ And, you can pick 2 idol at one time to vote, and the voting is unlimited. Let see who will win later!! ^^

Vote Vote Vote!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Earning more money~ Who interested? no investment, register for free~

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Introducing, the 10 hottest Korean Guys....!!

Okay, it's not like I'm doing it based on polls or what, but this is solely based on my opinion on who is the hottest among the hottest korean guys ever exists. I know some of you guys might not agree, but hey it's MY OPINION. hohoho..And basicly I think you guys would agree some of if, no? Okay. Starting up, I think I'll make it in ascending order! READY! SET! GO!

10. It's Yoon Seung Ho
Yoon Seung Ho! ^^

Why did I put him in the list? Basically, I like the way he act in God Of study. He's cool, and his eyes are so charismatic. He's still growing, and now(2011) he is only 19 years old. I bet he will become one of the famous korean actor in the years to come.

9. It's Yoon Jung Hwa from CN Blue

He's looking gorgeous wearing suits~ ^^

Recognize him? People who watch Ur beautiful and fans of CN Blue might recognize him. Well, I gotta say, he's very handsome young man. Recently, he is in this tv show called We got married with his partner, Seo Hyun from SNSD. From there, you'll see how sweet he is. In May 2011, there's news saying that he will act in a new drama called Festival with Park Shin Hye. Well, I'm glad, cause his unrequited love with Park Shin Hye in Ur Beautiful will be redeemed through this new drama. Can't wait! ^^

8. It's Jang Geun Suk

I like his look when he's smiling~ ^^

Jang Geun Suk is very popular among the korean drama lover. He started working in the entertainment industry when he was just 5 years old as a child model. I love his smile cause when I see his smile, it's like I see how the sun shine brightly. He's good in acting and also singing. Even though he sings in his drama and movie himself, but he officially make his singing debut this year with his single, Let Me Cry. This year he'll be making a korean adaption drama based on japanese drama that is Kimmiwa petto/You are my pet. I've seen the drama and seriously I can't wait for it! Let's us wait for the drama~ ^^

7. It's Bae Yong Jun
I love how he look so refreshing everytime I see his picture~
Yeah, I know he's old, and there are many new idols and artists exist in Korea right now, but I don't think the new ones will be able to beat him in term of popularity. He's one of the major Hallyu Stars that managed to introduce Korea to the world the way it is right now. You see how popular Korean's entertainment right now in the eyes of the world? Thanks to Bae Yong Jun, Hallyu waves managed to get to the other part of the world. And, you guys already watch Winter Sonata? It's the drama that get the world to know Korea. It's a very good drama, and for the one who want to watch a good korean drama, I recommend this drama.

6. It's Hyun Bin
I love how he look in this outfit~ ^^

Now, Hyun Bin is still popular in Korea although he is currently in the army. His drama, Secret Garden is the top drama for 2010, and I like how he act in there. He managed to bring the character alive, and at the same time, you'll realize how you fall in love with him. He also act in Snow Queen, and the character he act in that drama is the opposite for the rich arrogant Kim Ju Won in Secret Garden. Well, at least for now, he is single cause this year, he broke up with Song Hye Gyo. It's a pity cause I think they two are very well suited to each other.

5. It's U-Know Yun Ho from TVXQ


You guys know who he is right? He's the leader for TVXQ. As a leader, he takes care of his member. Yunho is on he list because he is very mature, and sometimes he act like a dork. He is one of the best dancer in SMe. He has this very small face and also long legs~ He always think other first before himself. Yunho have his acting debut in the drama Heading to the ground and it's about him being a football player. Yunho also make his musical debut through Princess Hour. His Gwangju dialect is very cute! You guys should listen to it!

4. It's Micky Yoochun from TVXQ.

Talented man, Yoochun!! ^^

Yoochun is a very a talented man! He actually can sing, dance, compose songs, acting and he has a very good sense of fashion. He once live in Virginia US, so he can speak English. Known for his sexy deep voice and romantic personality, he is TVXQ's lovable dandy boy. He is an important figure that brightens up the mood and atmosphere with his funny personality. He is a little bit sensitive and can be very emotional sometimes, and he conveyed the feeling that he felt inside the song he compose. Due to his sensitive nature, fans often called him as the cry baby of the group. He's cried on stage several times at award shows and concerts. Despite his emotional tendencies, he shows everyone a bright smile and his playful side. Yoochun's drama debut, Sungkyukwan Scandal is one of the popular drama in 2010, and the DVD sale for the drama is the best selling in Japan and also in korea. This year Yoochun will be working in a drama titled Ripley along with Lee Da Hae, and this is the drama that I'll be waiting for!

3. It's Choikang Changmin from TVXQ
His image as a prince in Balloons~ Kawaii?

His image in the drama Paradise Ranch~
Changmin is the youngest member of TVXQ but he behaves as if he is one of the oldest and also he is the tallest member. He has shy personality, seldom talk much during interviews. He often listens, and only talks when it is his turn to talk. As I was saying, Changmin is the youngest, but his cute image was "stolen" by Junsu by Junsu's angel pose! After his cute image was stolen by Junsu, Changmin manage to find his own image and finding other ways to stand out in the group. Changmin make his drama debut in the drama Paradise Ranch, and here you'll see how much he has grow up compared to his younger days in the group. He has matured, and no longer the magnae that I see in him. As he gets older, he is becoming more confident and comfortable showing his real personality. The wise cracking, sarcastic boy I see today is closer to the real Changmin. He can be very sarcastic to others, and in a way that will make you laugh on how easy it is to him to be sarcastic. Changmin has a very powerful voice, on top of that his voice range is also can reach to higher note.

2. It's Xiah Junsu From TVXQ

The charismatic side of him~

Cute images of him~

Reading book?
When junsu sings, he always hit the right note. He always manage to use many different singing technique. His voice can go husky to smooth to a high shrill, depends on the type of song. His voice is usually the 1st to be noticed if you listen to TVXQ's songs for the first time. Whats more, when he sing, he sing with so much passion, i don't think he realise the fans' existence.He look very deep in emotion when he sing and when Junsu is on stage, he controls the stage! Junsu is considered the mood maker in TVXQ. He tries his best to keep the member's spirits up when they are feeling down. He even sacrifices himself for the sake of gags. Though the members bully him a lot, it is easy to see their love for him. Some times he seems too pure and innocent to be true. Junsu is a musical actor now, his make his debut as a musical actor through Mozart, which shows how he acts and sings at the same time. When I see it through some fancam, I see a man, who managed to express the song that he sings, as well as being the character itself. He amazes me, and whats more, this year, he also involved himself the musical Tears of Heaven, which show how he acts a soldier who is in love. Now, both of his musical is the best selling musical, and Junsu is the new male rookie for musical actor for the year 2010. This year, he's also nominated for the best male musical actor, and I do hope he'll win the award.

1. It's Youngwoong Jaejoong from TVXQ

I love how his hair looks like in this picture~

His hair back in Rising sun day~

It's Jaejoong~~
One word, COOL!!
Youngwoong Jaejoong is the hottest in my list!! You know why? He have this great personality, talent and also looks! His fans are from all around the world. He has a mesmerizing voice. I especially adore his endless falsetto. His looks are extremely appealing too but he has so much more to offer than that. Jaejoong is the lead vocalist and the oldest member of TVXQ. Some would even call him the group's spokes person since he is usually positioned front and center in group pictures and performances.But actually, the standing position is related to the their vocals when they are singing.Though he may give off the cold vibe during first impressions, Jaejoong is actually quite silly and random. His dry sense of humor and clumsiness are what fans have come to know and love about him. He is the mother of the group! He takes care of the group member and cooks for them. Jaejoong make his acting debut through the movie Heaven Postman and his japanese drama, Sunao ni Naratekute (Hard to say I love You).

Okay, I know I do this list without a specific evaluation, but hey, I just love how my list looks like~ It's just perfect fo me and if it's not to you, why don't you tell me why then? But, no harsh words to these men in the list okay, just give me your positive feedbacks and who should be in the list as well. Who might knows, I might do another list again~ ^^

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bolero - THSK/DBSK

 An orchestral like piece with powerful vocals, their sweet voices nicely depict “a rhythm of hope.”

Have you ever listen to this song? This is one of my favorite song from DBSK and it has a very soothing music along with the heavenly voice of 5 amazing singer from one amazing group. The song Bolero is actually the theme song for the japanese movie called Dance Subaru. The movie is about a ballerina named Subaru and her dream is to be a top ballerina in the world. People say that this is a very inspiring movie and once you watch it, you'll know. Bolero is a form of slow-tempo Latin music and its associated dance and song. There are Spanish, and Cuban forms, which are both significant, and which have separate origins.

The lead actress and also DBSK~ (This is the single cover for DBSK 25th single, Bolero/Kiss the baby sky/Wasurenaide.)
Do you notice the song for my blog has changed to Bolero? I actually like the lyric of the song too. Here, I'll provide you the lyrics and also the translation so that you can see how the DBSK sings and conveyed the lyrics pretty well in their singing. Well, you can sing along too if you want to..^^

Lyrics and Translation

Yami ni ukabu tsuki no stage ni odoru kimi wo yume mitanda
In my dreams I saw you dancing on the moon’s stage in the dark

fukai fukai mune no kizu wo hitotsu hitotsu se owanaide
Don’t try to carry the burden of all the deep deep wounds in your chest alone

dare mo kimi wo semeyashinai kimi wa kimi de ireba ii sa
No one can blame you, its ok if you be yourself

kikasete itoshiku hakanaku tsumasaki de kanaderu bolero
Let me hear the lovely, fleeting wings of the bolero playing

maiagare kimi no kanashimi mo iyasareru basho ni mitsukeru sa
Soar high, you will discover a place that will even heal your sadness

kurai heya no naka mitasareru omoi mado kara afure
Inside the dark room,
The satisfying feelings overflow from the window of the heart

yume ga tsunoru tsuki hikari no shita kamoshara ni kibou no rhythm wo kizamu
The moon’s light invites dreams giving rise to the hopes engraved in the rhythm

yume ga tsunoru
Dreams grow

kimi ga kimi rashii no wa jiyuu ni habataku kara
You seem to be yourself, and you flap your wings freely 
daremo shirukoto no nai kotae sagashite
No one knows the answer you search for

*Repeat Chorus*

Let you dance away
Don’t you know
I’ll stand by your side
Fly away, Fly away, Fly away, Fly to the top
Fly forever
Yeah, yeah, yeah~


 kimi wo terashi tsuzukeruyo
I will continue to iluminate you

I'll watch over
 kimi no ai subeki mirai wo
For your admired future
dokoni demo
wherever you go
boku wa negai tsuzukeru yo
I'll continue to wish for you
mamoru kara
I'll protect it

kikasete (kikasete) mabushiku setsunaku (kuruoshiku) jounetsu de kirameku bolero (kanki no uta wo)
Let me hear (Let me hear it), the dazzling,(misery) heart-rending ballerina that shines by passion (song of joy)

kimi wa keshite hitori janai kara
You are not facing these alone, so

inochi no kagiri maiagare
 Fly up with all of your life strength

kimi no ibasho wa koko ni aru
Your place is here.


It's unlucky but lucky at the same time.

Do you get it what the title trying to say? I've been receiving this sms from this person whom I don't want to see or should I say I dislike him so much until I can't even stand to communicate with him in any way including sms or anything. He been trying to persuade to reply his sms, but I don't give a damn about it. And now you know what, because of my brother, my simcard has been blocked because he don't know what is my password. and therefore, since I lost the simcard's PUK number, I can't unblocked it.

The number that I've been using since I was in form 5 is no longer can't be used, and I decided to change my number. And the conclusion is, some of my friends might not be able to contact me for the time being, but I'm glad that I can change my old number to new one so that no one except my friends will know my number including the annoying person. No longer annoying sms, and I can live peacefully. Bye bye Mr Annoying.

p/s : For my friends, I'll let you know my new number as soon as I get th new one. Sorry if this cause you any difficulties in contacting me~ ciao.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'll never forget, and therefore forgiveness is not possible.

For the time being, I really don't want to spill this out, but sooner or later, I'll think I'll get insane over this overwhelming feeling that keep haunting me since that day. I've try to forget it, but he himself bring up the issue again. I don't know why he keep on continuing to get my reply for the sake of forgiveness. If I do say I forgive him, I'll know that somehow deep inside of me, I don't. So, I really don't want to be a hypocrite person in front of everyone pretending that I am okay with him. No, I won't. Even if you say I am a selfish person, I'll accept it. I just don't want to lie to myself.

Therefore, I'll stick to my thought that we both should not have any relationship, even as a mere friend. Sound foolish, but that just how I deal with the things that will probably make me hurt in the end. So please stop messaging me cause no matter how hard you begged and ask for my reply, I won't. Ignorance is the meanest things that I can do for a payback for the things that you have done to me. I don't talk behind people's back, I don't hire gangsters to hit you, I'll just can ignore and see you as an invisible person. Let me live my own life, don't try to connect with me again cause it won't work. Don't get involved with my life cause I'll kick you out of it when you try.

You are happy with your life, so why bother with mine? Am I that pathetic to you? To settle thing with me you say? Is that for the sake of vanishing your guilt towards me? Have you ever heard that even though you forgive that certain people, you certainly can't forget the things that that certain person had done to your life. My trust is not something that can be easily gained, once you lost it, you'll never get it back. Extreme? Well, that is just who I am. You hate me for that? I'm okay with that as long as I'll never talk to you again. I'm extremely annoyed by your sms, so please stop that.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Youngwoong Jaejoong a.k.a Kim Jae Joong

Born on 26th January on 1986 (His actual birth is actually on 4th February 1986), Kim Jae Joong or Han Jae Joong is known as Hero (Youngwoong in Korea) Jae Joong is one of the member from DBSK. When you look at his face, he has this feminine face. I must stay that he is prettier than me. =.=" Whenever I see those edited picture of Jaejoong as a girl, I feel that he suppose to be born as a girl. So pretty..

Told ya he was pretty~

As a matter of fact, Jaejoong has 9 sister and he was the youngest one in his family.And yeah, you are expecting that his sisters are going to be pretty too right if Jaejoong as a man, is pretty. Well, I can say that the family genes is in every one of them. Jaejoong sister are pretty too, and heck I was jealous of their family for having such pretty siblings. Well, they are also close to one another. Jaejoong's sister is always there to watch over for Jaejoong's cat, Jiji. Jiji is quite famous among the fans, and if you google Jiji, you'll find more info about the cat. Jaejoong always complain that nowadays Jiji's present from the fans is surprisingly more than his (well, I dunno about now). Okay, I'm gonna show you Jaejoong and his sisters picture.

Prettyyyyy right??? there are also his niece here in this picture.

Despite his cold look as a man, Jaejoong actually is very warm at heart. When the members of DBSK first meet him, their first impressions was he is a cold man. And now when I'm recall back the interviews that includes Jaejoong's first impression by the members, he always feel sad. But, Jaejoong say it himself that whenever he looks in the mirror, he also agree that he look like a cold man. But, I do like Jaejoong's warmth. He is so caring about the members and he acts as the mother of the group (Umma Jaejoong!!). Jaejoong also can cook, and basically he is the one who cooks whenever the member are eating at home (well, I guess there must be some help from the member, right? ^^). Jaejoong likes to eat spicy things and can you imagine that he says that the spiciest pepper in the world (rank one among the pepper!) will be delicious to eat when cooked with his kimchi jigae (Kimchi soup)! He has a high tolerance toward spicy things compared to other member. The one thing that I notices about Jaejoong is that, whenever he laugh or smile, he always cover his laugh or smile. I believe that there is one time that he say in the interview that he has an ugly smile. Well, I don't think so, cause human are the prettiest when they are smiling~ ^^

The other thing I notice is that, whenever Jaejoong feel like he's cute and wanna show it to the camera, he always pout his lips! I can't agree more! He is so cute whenever he does that! (but Junsu is cuter~ haha). Let me show you!

See, he's pouting!! Cute right? ^^

Pouting again~ But, sexy lips~ ^^                 

I like this picture! See, he's wearing make-up~ But, not to say that he's gay~ He's handsome!

Jaejoong has a husky voice, and his voice never fails to amazed me whenever I listen to their song! In live performance, his voice is the most stable one, and Jaejoong seldom to make any mistakes during singing and he always sing perfectly no matter how tired he were after the singing and dancing performance. That's why he is the lead vocal for the group. Jaejoong once say in the interview that during he was a little kid, he use to sing terribly and this makes him practice singing everyday without fails. That's why today he can sings well (I can say that he have the talent too).

Jaejoong also have a very muscular body in contrast to his feminine face. He has very nice body! I don't want to make myself sound as a pervert here, but I just can't deny how muscular and nice his body were. But, Jaejoong is just too thin! I wonder why he can't get himself to but a little bit of fat so that he can look more healthy. Jaejoong also have 6 tattoos overall craved at his body. One is, "TVfXQ soul" the first one he tattooed at his body. Then, when the lawsuit happens, he and Yoochun both get "Always keep the faith" at their right chest to show to their fans that they still kept their faith for uniting with the other two members and become complete unit as a 5 group member once again ( And I also keeping my faith for this!). Let me show you his muscular body and his tattoos. Just don't keep yourself drools~ XD

Muscular, right? ^^

Always keep the faith tattoo~

TVfXQ soul tattoo~

 Yoochun and Jaejoong have the same tattoo~

 I believe you guys know about Twilight series right? Compared to Robert Pattinson being Edward Cullen, actually when I was reading the books, I always imagine Jaejoong as Edward Cullen. His fair skin matches with the description of Edward's pale skins and Jaejoong is also muscular and handsome (despite the fact of he is very thin!). There's pictures of Jaejoong as vampire, and I got one just for your imagination. He's suitable to be one, really!

Presenting, the NEW Edward Cullen!!!

Tadaaa~ I know Robert Pattinson is the favourable Edward Cullen, but I just can't accept that Robert as Edward. I love to see Jaejoong as Edward Cullen! Sorry to die-hard-fan-of-Robert-Pattinson-as-Edward if this statement make you feel offended, but it is just my view for the character of Edward Cullen since I read the book too.

One more info before I ended this post is that, Jaejoong also very popular among the fans around the world. Notices the word "world", because his fanbase is not only in Asia. Recently (Okay, not recently, it's about one month ago I think), Jaejoong is the winner for the best celebrity in twitter for Shorty Awards against Justin Bieber! Oh yeah, he rocks the award! Not that I hate Justin Bieber, but Jaejoong seem to be more appropriate person for the award! Shorty award is like Grammy award for twitter, so I'm glad he win this award.

I know this post is longer that my Junsu post, but I just can helped it. Instead, I guess I'll make part 2 to Junsu post~ Let me think about it. After this, I'll be making a post about my view towards Yoochun and the other two member. Until then, stay tune with my blog. Thanks for reading, ciao~ ^^

Tired of typing so many, and now time so say goodbye~
Jaejoong and Jiji~ ^^

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's OVER!!

Do you see that picture?? Yeah, my exam is over!! Looking forward to my holiday~ For those who is still having your exam, well good luck then. For those who already finished your exam, let's rock and roll cause finally holiday are here!!! yeaaahhhhh.....

H.O.L.I.D.A.Y.S = Everyone loves Holiday!

What to do first? Let's watch some Japanese drama tonight! OH YEAH!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost there...

I'm almost there!! Where?? To the last paper for my final exam! Yeah!! I going back home next coming Tuesday! Can't wait and very excited! Finally, I'm going to have a very long holiday (approximately 4 months!) and I can rest and also spend more time with my family and friends back home.And also, keep myself updated with new TV shows and others!! Watching TV while having my semester break is on top of my to-do list for thisholiday! Well, I guess I have to find job too..hurm..

Well, I don't know if I'll be able to find one during this holiday, but if I don't, then I'll be a full-time house keeper at my own home then! ^^ Having this long break will enable me to do something about my life too~ Well, if there is something that I need to do, then I'll do it this holiday~ Wonder what the things that i want to do this holiday? Well, I'll tell you...but only after the holiday ends because I'm afraid that I might not be able to accomplish it. Well, so long~ I still got last paper tomorrow and still need to do some revision! ^^ Anyeong!

warmest greetings..^^