Friday, October 28, 2011


Guessing what B1A4 stands for? It stands for Blood type~ There's 1 person type A and another 4 person type B. Hohoh..Actually I come to like this newly debut (not too new though..about 6 months or so) K-Pop group. They are quite cool too. I mean they are not emphasizing on looks only, they got good voice too, so that what I really like about them. Well I guess you can call me their NUNA fans (stands for older sister/women in Korea) since they are a lot younger than me.


If you guys might wondering which songs from this group are worth listening to, I might as well suggest Beautiful target and OK which is my favorite. Curious? Why don't you start typing Youtube in your browser and start watching their vids~ Well, until then, ciao~ ^^


Vanilla Cloud said...

all their songs are nice~ ^^

sylmax_90 said...

kinda..ahaha..but the song I mention are my favorite among their song.

warmest greetings..^^