Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hoya and Xiah Junsu~ ^^

Well, I guess everyone knows who Xiah Junsu right? Do I need to introduce Hoya to you guys? Well, I might as well give some info regarding Hoya in case you guys are clueless about him. Do you ever heard of the group name Infinite? Well, Hoya is one of the member and he is super cool! He was born on 1991, so I am one year older than him (How bout you guys?). Well, if you want more details you can simply search him on google~ As easy as that! ^^

Well, that is not the main point here, I just want to write how interesting it is to see how similar is Hoya and Junsu face to each other. Well, I just finished searching and compare, and edit the pictures so that I can show you guys how similar they were. Well, give your opinion about that if you have any~ Here it goes~~

Well, do you see what I see? Well, for what I can see, Hoya is like Junsu's younger brother~ If you didn't think so, I guess everyone have different opinion right? ^^


warmest greetings..^^